Friday, September 17, 2010

Neon Maniacs

Once in a great while throughout life you will run into a film that you loved as a child and never saw again,but for some reason or another you remember the name or a few scenes,but never can find the film again,like so many underground films have been dubbed "out of print"...
Well after years of loving "cheesy horror" and recently my urge to find films I held dear in the past,I stumbled across one that truly stands out from the rest.
I found Neon Maniacs......
I have not seen this film since I was about 8 years old and for somereason or another I remembered this film so vividly ,which is odd due to the overload of horror flicks I have seen since then.
but when I found this film I hesitated to watch it ,thinking that my old memeories of this film would by far surpass how the film truly played out,yet once I started the film it played out exactly how I had remembered it.And that in itself was truly awesome.
The movie in itself is not that gory,and truly is not that scary either.
But it was filmed in the bay area ,(where I was born and raised) and the cast of villians is very unique.
The Neon Maniacs Film starts off when a fisherman is fishing of the dock of the bay ,which is kind of weird due to how polluted it is,but nonetheless the fisherman is on his way back from the docks and notices a doorway leading to under the bridge he nosely looks inside to find some tarot like cards.
These cards each depict a member of the Neon Maniacs.
1.the axeman (who resembles the chaterrer from hellraiser)
2.the archer ( a midevil times soldier with a crossbow)
3.The lumberjack (hills have eyes reject)
4.the samaurai (he is a samaurai)
5.the biker (he uses a chain)
6.the hangman (rope is his weapon of choice)
7.the doctor (he is a doctor with a bag ,use your imagination)
anywho each of the maniacs has a different look and the look pretty much describes them and how they kill.
I mean there is a werewolf and a electricman as well.....
So the story starts off with the typical kids partying drinking and screwing ,everything is on the uppity up,until the maniacs surface and begin te warpath within 15 minutes of the film you get at least 6 killings but none to gory by any means.And once it starts raining the maniacs disappear,leaving out of the 8 or so campers only one survivor,Natalie.
Natalie goes to school and shows some serious social decline and disolution after witnessing her friends death .and after telling the police what happened ,of course noone believes her and she is now the town looney.
One kid believes her .....a Natalie Portman Look-Alike who is obsessed with horror flicks,natalie doesn't give he any time of day and chooses to try and forget about the situation rather than face it head on.
well the nosey horror fan begins to investigate and finds the place where the maniacs live and during her videotaping she finds that of all thigs water seems to hurt thes monsters,which would make sence as to why they disappear everytime it starts to rain.
I don't want to spoil too much of this film since there is not much to spoil in a 90 min horror/love story flick with this little dialogue.
but the film ends with a really cheeseball 80's metal band live performance,so what more could you ask for.
in all honesty I think this film is a bit original since there is such a large group ofvillians and they all had there own character unlike a horde of zombies who all look and attack the same way.
Now don't get me wrong this movie is not great,shit it is not even "Good" but for a cheese fest of hooror it scores a
4 out of 5
this film is definitely worth a looksee especially while you are stoned/drunk with a bunch of friends........
good night

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