Friday, September 17, 2010


Tenament (1985)
A.K.A. Slaughter in the South Bronx
A.K.A. Game of Survival

Tenament is the story of a run down apartment complex in the south bronx that has been taking over by Chaco and his gang of violent junky street thugs.The super of the building has the gang evicted and arrested in the begining of the movie only to have the gang released shortly after.Once the news is out that the gang had been erradicated from the site the tennants decide to have a party.Unbeknownst to them the gang was already on their way back and looking for some revenge.At this point the movie turns into kind of a cross between "The Warriors" and "Last house on the Left." Tenament is Straight up and down a Urban Exploitation film / Revege flick.The gang cuts the phone cords to the building and head in to start plucking off the tenants one by one in violent fashion. This film was unrated because at the time of release it was deemed too violent for the MPAA Ratings commision,which I find suprising considering the films violence is rather tame in comparison to alot of films released during that time.I mean the early to mid 80’s were chock filled with over the top blood and guts that got released without a whimper.Although there is a rather brutal scene where the gang breaks into a womans room and proceed to beat and then rape her ,The victim stabs her rapist in the eye with scissors and then the gang entertain the thought of raping her with a broomstick,this part is not shown ingraphic detail though it is implied and the aftermath is shown.The killings begin to get interesting and innovative once the tennants start fighting back,like one scene in particular where one of our heroes decides to attach some live electrical wires to an old bedspring set and then use it as a makeshift electrical fence to fry some of the gangsters and another scene where Rudy one of the gang members (played bydan snow who played cigarface in The Toxic Avenger)robs a tennant junkie in order to score some dope but injects himself with rat poison instead.tenament is a pretty nice little hidden gem in the revenge movie genre and I had never even heard of it before coming across it in a "Grindhouse" DVD 3 Pack along with "The Cop Killers" and "Don’t go in the house" truly I was pleasantly surprised by this one,and I absolutely loved the soundtrack in this film,The Opening and closing tune is a cheesy 80’s rap song titled conviniently enough "The Tenament" which is a riot to listen to it is kind of a rip off "The message" byGrandmaster Flash.I love Old rap music,it’s what I grew up on ,well that and iron Maiden.Anyway Tenament is a pleasnt little film and I would recomend it to anyone who likes Revege flicks this one is a winner.
3 out of 5 for Tenament.
Some decent gore,some shitty acting,and some downright awesome music .You cant mess that equation up now can you..?I am looking at you Breakin’2 electric Boogaloo....sans the gore.

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