Friday, September 17, 2010

Scream Bloody Murder

Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

A few days ago I was at the local rasputins and since I was broke I was restricted to the bargain DVD’s .
As usual This section was full of gems like "Jersey Girl" and "Spy Kids" but there was something different this time. I notice a few Horror movie box sets and for the most part they all sucked but, I managed to find one that included Peter Jackson’s "Bad Taste" which I had not got my own copy of yet due to the price so I nabbed this one instantly. Along with that awesome flick were a few others that are decent like "Driller Killer"
But I got that already ....Anyway. I figured the the films in this collection would be shit given that most times they are and for the most part I was right though there was a surprise sleeper in this batch. A little known gem called "Scream Bloody Murder" . Honestly I loved this film . The movie starts off With a young boy on the farm with his mother and father and instantly we realize something is not quite right with this boy. The young Boy Matthew is helping his father on the farm and watching his dad work on the tractor, when he decides to jump in and run his pop over and kill him, shortly after Matthew jumps out and gets his arm caught underneath severing it from his body. After the incident Matthews mother sends him off to a mental ward to be raised. Several years later A hook handed Matt is released and arrives at his old home to find that his mother had just gotten married to a new man and she refers to him as Matt’s New Dad, Which does not sit well with the Mommy fixated Matthew. So what does he do? Well Matt kills the new father of course and then off’s mom in the process as well. Now Matt wanders aimlessly through the town until he runs into a Prostitute named Vera. He quickly falls for her and starts to kill all of her clients after they leave her house.Matthew tries to convince Vera that she does not have to lead such a life because he is rich and can provide for her and that she can live in "his" Mansion.
One that he acquires by murdering and old woman in a rather hillarious scene.From here on out the film turns into a really well played Psycho rip off of sorts and I mean that in the nicest way.This movie has depth and the guy who plays Matthew is rather good.There are some funny lines in this one that will stick in your head Like one where Matthew is shouting at Vera about all he does for her " I buy you groceries, Art stuff and kill people for you...But do you appreciate it? No." I thought that was hilarious.
After my long rant here I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this flick and if you’re in the mood for a good slasher that is a bit different than the usual by the numbers fare than look no further than "Scream Bloody Murder" .
Final verdict is 4 out of 5

Pick this one up if you can find it , Fans of slashers , Psycho thrillers and even some cheese will find something to like in this one I think, I know I did.

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