Friday, September 17, 2010

Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Here we have part two of the Ilsa trilogy.
In this one Dyanne Throne reprises her role of Ilsa but now she works for the sheik a evil dictator in the middle east who owns all of the oil and runs a "white" slave auction,selling off beautiful slave women to fellow sheiks.There is no explanation as to how Ilsa is still alive and how she got involved with the middle easterns nor is there any mention of her previous involvement with hitlers nazi party.Which I found a bit odd but it doesnt take too much away from this film.The second installment of the series follows a very simillar storyline to the first one but it has more of an action film feel to it.Once again Ilsa is in charge of running experiments on the slaves and again takes pleasure in the torturing of said victims.
She has two beautiful black sidekicks in this installment "satin" and "velvet" who are fighting,shooting,killing and loving throughout this whole film in the nude,which is alright by me.One of these nubian delights starred in quite a few blaxploitation films during this time and also had a small cameo in one of my favorite comedies "the Kentucky Fried Movie" as Cleopatra Schwarts.Another delicious debby that is in this film also had a small role in kentucky fried movie and was in the first Ilsa installment as well,the returning Uschi Diggart.Again no mention of her from the first film but she is playing a different role and she is in this volume much more than the first.
Anyway once again Ilsa falls for the advances of another amercan spy,seducing him and then falling for his "charms".There is not much that seperates the first two Ilsa films as far as plot they are essentially the same film just with different backdrops.Ilsa is once agin shafted by her love in more ways than one and she ends up this time imprissoned by the sheiks nephew after turning on her boss.
So just as the first film in the series ,if you are a fan of cheesy dialogue and eye-candy from the 70’s you cant lose here.this one is real heavy on the Nudity and they got some truly amazing actresses to disrobe in this one.Plus there is a very "Explosive" sex scene towards the end of the film that is worth a few laughs.
I would rate this one about the same as the first film 3 out of 5
I would have rated it lower due to the 2 films being practically the same but The women in this film take it up a notch for sure.
I am off too watch the third installment now and will probably repeat myself for the third time in these reviews if Ilsa The Wicked warden is anything like the previous installments.
happy viewing.

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