Friday, September 17, 2010

Black Devil Doll (2008)

Black Devil Doll (2008-09)
 I went to the city (San Francisco) to watch a movie I had been waiting for , for about 2 years after first seeing the trailer.well last night that chance finally came and let me just say that I have never had so much fun at a movie theatre .The movie played at a small indie theatre which was packed to the door with cast and crew from the film and about 50 or 60 hardcore cult movie fanatics.
It ended up being along night since we went to a bar nextdoor afterwards and got drunk with some of the folks from the movie , but anyway as I try and shake this hangover , let me tell you about the film.
Black devil doll from hell was a movie released in the early 80’s I believe to little or no success and rightfully so .The few people who have seen this film will no it was one of the worst films ever made and that is why I was so stoked to see someone even mention it let alone remake it.
Well the director/writer told me "it’s not a remake really" and it’s true sort of , it is a retelling of the story with more tits and ass than a porno and more racial humor than a Paul Mooney stand-up hour. The f bombs and n bombs were a plenty in this one.Anyway the film is about a woman , a very extremely hot voluptuos woman who gets visited by the ghost of mumbia abu jamal (I thought that was a bit tasteless being so close to your research kids." via a possesed puppet which mysteriously turns from a white puppet to a black panther doll right before your eyes.Anyway Mumbia was a black activist convicte of raping and killing dozens of white women before executed.The puppet seduces said white woman and they have a ton of sex, which makes for some very funny scenes.the puppet than convinces her to invite some of her friends over and leave because he needs a "fresh batch of strange’ she goes for it and the mayhem ensues.Long story short Black devil doll kills and screws all of the women and in graphic fashion , I mean this movie was one step away from being a comdy porno , complete with shots of everything you could imagine and a giant black dildo for the puppets piece.The movie is horribly acted (on purpose) and the girls in the film are all stunning very russ meyer throwbackish and honestly I have never laughed harder in a theatre in my life. The movie has been released on DVD since I wrote this review and I highly recomend it , As it is a great film to watch with a group of friends.
 4 out of 5 just for pure fun factor.
if you can scrounge up a copy of the original first than go see this one you will enjoy bad cinema just that much more.

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