Friday, September 17, 2010

Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980)

This is another tasteless addition to Joe D’Amato’s list of films.It stars Laura Gemser (Black Emanuelle,Womens Prison Massacre) and Geoge Eastman (Anthropophagus:The Grim Reaper).The film is about a hotel owner who is looking to by some property on a uninhabited island ,but once he and his girlfriend along with a sailor (Eastman) arrive on the island they are confrronted by A beautiful woman (Laura gemser) and her blind grandfather who tell them of the dangers of the island and warn them to stay away.The island is overrun by the living dead of course,who worchip a Black cat ,hence the islands name Cat Island.Turns out that Laura’s character is actualy a ghost and is doomed to overlook the island along with the old man ,just to turn away tourists and Moguls like said hotel owner.Like many D’amato films ,this one is not short on sex scenes and the ones in this film ,at least in the unedited version are straight up porn.Showing every little detail including fellatio , cunnilingus and full penetration on screen.In between the porn scenes we get a little story telling and for the most part the movie is just down right boring.Not much gore in the film at all ,horrible zombie make-up and just bland plot.not much happens in the film other than screwing ,until the last few minutes of the film where the hotel owner has his dick bitten off by Laura Gemser and is turned into a zombie after being devoured by the rest of the living dead.The other two people on the island survive which does lead to an interesting yet short twist in the end involving a madhouse that is shown in the first few minutes of the film.I cant say enough about how you should avoid this film,you are better off just renting or buying a porn because that is essentially what you are getting here,The flick is just down right bad.Boring film with some sub-par porn scenes strewn about,although I will say that the women featured in this film along with Laura Gemser are rather beautiful but that is the films only saving grace.If you have seen any other D’Amato flicks ( Porno Holocaust,Anthropophagus,Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals) than you should know what to expect in this one it does not stray far from his tried and true way of filmaking.
1.5 out of 5 (utter waste of time)

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