Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink Angels

Pink Angels (1971)

Now when one thinks of Biker films,Machismo comes to mind right off the bat.That is one of the few things that sets this strange little flick apart from the rest.Pink Angels Is your typical biker road film with a strange comedic twist.The film starts off with a gang of six bikers on the road and they pick up a hitchhiker,while stopping to grab a bite to eat at A&W (I used to love that place growing up) the Hitcher notices something very different about this gang.....They are all flaming gay.He notices this when there odd bickering amongst eachother turns into a sissified food fight,once he comes to this realisation he heads for the hills after one of the bikers makes an advance at him.After this scene the hillarity ensues.Pink Angels is a comedy staright up ,playing on the stereotypes of gays underneath the cover of butch bikers.Turns out The Pink Angels are on their way to a ball where Ronnie (the token black cast member) is going to be there queen in full drag attire. Later in the film we see The Angels setting up a picnic and a rival gang comes by,once they arrive the leader of the rival gang asks where are there broads..? To keep from blowing their cover they hunt down some girls from a local bar and bring them along to the picnic to join in on the festivities.The two gangs and the ladies party until the rival gang passes out,when they awake the girls and the Angels are gone and they have been dressed up with bows and make up, at first they have a few laughs about this but then decide to seek revenge.Throughout the film we get scenes of some sort of militry general for no apparent reason,who wants to wipe the world of "long haired hippies" .Once back on the road the angels finally arrive at there destination ,A hotel in southern california near where the ball is being held.They notice they have lost Ronnies dress so they go shopping then get all snazzed up in drag and hit the bar before the party.This is where the rival gang catches up with them but they don’t seem to notice that it is the angels and mistake them for women and decide to take them for a ride and join them at said ball.Turns out the ball is at this "generals" house.The general does not approve of the bikers and decides to capture and question the "ladies" they arrived with,once he finds out that these women are in fact men and bikers as well we get a really sudden ,shocking and really kinda sad ending to a fun little biker spoof flick.
The Pink Angels is a really strange film that manages to poke fun of the over the top machoness of the biker genre without being slapstick about it.The laughs are mostly found in the dialogue here and not in just visual gags.I have seen this film a few times now to pass time and I watched it again tonight to refresh my memory to write this review and it has not lost it’s charm.If you like Biker flicks and can laugh at things that take themselves to seriously than you should get a kick out of this for a movie about gay bikers you do get quite a few nice little T and A shots strewn about just to even out the subject matter, I spose’.
all in all I would rate this one 3 out of 5

It’s a fun little flick and if you can find it I would recomend it if you can appreciate a comedy now and then.It is definitley something different for a change of pace.
Plus the soundtrack to this film is awesome.Another thing about this film is ,no matter how many times I see it the ending is still really grim to me and the final shot of the film sticks with me for some reason,the film totally changes direction from comedy to tragedy in a matter of one shot without giving too much away,you will have to just watch the film to se what I mean.
The film is released on DVD in the Drive in Classics vol.3 box set along with 7 more films from around this era. A few of the other films are pretty nice to have in a collection as well,like Pom Pom Girls ,Blood Mania and The Babysitter.
for 12 bucks you cant beat that deal.

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