Sunday, September 19, 2010

Savage Streets

Savage Streets (1984)
After watching I spit on your grave last night I thought I would follow that one up ith a lesser known Rape/Revenge flick Savage Streets. Directed By Danny Steinman (Friday The 13th Pt.5 : A New Beginning)
Starring Horror/Exploitation Icons Linda Blair (The Exorcist/Hell Night) and Linea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead/Night of the demons/Creepazoids). The story follows two groups of "Teens" A gang called the scars and a group of rebellious young woman lead by Brenda (Blair). One night out on the streets of Hollywood The girls along with Brenda's younger deaf sister Heather (Quigley)  run into the Scars doing their usual bullying and dealing drugs when Brenda decides to "Teach them a lesson". This lesson entails the girls stealing the guys car for some joyriding, Shortly after a chase the guys finally find their car trashed and this prompts the Gang to set out for revenge.The next day at school Jake and his boys "The Scars" catch Heather all alone in the gym while Brenda is in the showers preparing to walk her sister home.Heather is cornered and drug into the boys restroom where the gang beats and rapes her, And of course as always in these movies there is one member who is hesitant and against the idea but eventually is forced into joining in out of fear.After finding Heathers body Brenda decides she is going to find who did this and get them back.Later on we see Brenda and her girls at a nightclub trying to figure out the whole thing and this is when The scars show up again to raise hell. The guys grab one of Brenda's friends Francine who is planning on getting married soon and also happens to be pregnant and they try and have their way with her in the club when A couple of guys try to stop this A fight breaks out, During this brawl Francine cuts Jake on the face with a switchblade and this prompts yet another payback for the Scars.This leads to Francine getting thrown from a overpass to her death by Jake. At this point Vinnie , the hesitant member of the scars to decides  finally leave the group and he goes to see Heather in the hospital to confess and beg for forgiveness,  This is when Brenda walks in finding out who Put her sister in the hospital and now she has a target for her vengeance. So Brenda suits up , puts together her artillery and heads out for revenge.Disposing of most of the Gang with her weapon of choice A crossbow.The movie is pretty standard stuff as far as plot and character development but they threw in a few nice touches to one of the main revenge sequences where Brenda leads two of Jakes henchman into a Warehouse and she rigs the place with tape players , Playing audio of her voice and at one point audio of her moaning as if she is getting it on with one of the guys and enjoying it prompting the other to follow in hopes of joining in of course this just leads him to his demise via arrow through the throat.Not too much sets this movie apart from most other Revenge action flicks of this time period but it is a decent watch if you are into 80's action flicks like Death wish and other of that ilk. I must say though that this film has allot of nudity and for the most part it is all really nice, There are allot of really attractive women in this movie as extras for shower scenes and locker room shots as you would expect from any movie set in a High school or college during the 80's and there is a really nice bathtub scene showing Linda Blair and her amazing breasts but take that for what it's worth. When all is said and done here what you get is a fun little action flick low on gore high on nudity and it's not a complete waste of time as there is some stuff here to enjoy as some of the dialogue in this film is downright hilarious .When it comes to the revenge genre you could find better but you could also get allot worse.
So final verdict for Savage Vengeance is A 2.75 out of 5

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