Friday, September 17, 2010


Boardinghouse (1982)

Take ten Coked up woman, One Coked out guy in bikini underwear and put them in a hanuted house and you have Boardinghouse.
The film is about a house that is haunted by a former owner Dr.Hoffman a Master in telekenisis.The begining of the film states that this film is shot in Horror-Vision stating that every time you see "this image" which is a black glove covered hand put on a psychotropic background ,if you are squemish you are encouraged to look away.While there is quite a bit of gore in this film none of it happens until the last few minutes of the film during a party 10 years after the initial suicides in the home began,With the exception of a man tearing his own guts out in the begining.Most of the film is just horny coked up girls hanging poolside and talking of psychic powers.Let me just say that the trailer of this film made it look downright awesome in my eyes,it looked like a classic grindhouse style slasher,well how wrong I was.On the DVD of Boardinghouse which was recently released there is a short interview with John Wintergate and Kallasu who are the main roles in the film and John was also the writer and director of this piece of trash.They swear they were attempting to make a spoof of horror films with a twist of the essoteric ,Personally I think they decided that once they saw the finished product.During the interview we meet their daughter who is really hot and they go on to say they are currently working on a sequel which in all honesty I am looking forward to since their hot ass daughter will be in it,but I cant see the film having much more redeeming factors other than that.This film is worth a few good laughs though thanks to the over the top acting and gore effects so in a way it works as a spoof ,but the trailer does not serve well as a look into what you are getting here.So whoever made the trailer should make the entire remake because honestly that was the best part of the film.If you are in the mood for a shitty haunted house movie than this is the one to grab and it is quite a bit of fun when all is said and done.The horror vision adds bit of a old school theatre feel to it and I thought it was pretty damn funny that they incorporated that into the video release.
All in All you could do worse because there are laughs to be had here but nothing more than that,Boardinghouse is a hidden gem that could have remained hidden but since it has resurfaced it may be worth a watch for true old school gore fans,or fans of bad cinema in general.
2 out of 5
for this one ,it is fun but dont let the trailer fool you like it did me.

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