Friday, September 17, 2010

Slasher Triple Review

three quick little reviews of flicks I watched recently.

Nightmare in A Damaged Brain (Nightmare)
Here we Have your typical Mental Patient haunted by the past, turns out he killed his parents when he was younger while they were having rough sex.He is released and begins to snap when he sees anything sexual or gets turned on slightly.He has seizures and more often than not goes killin’.Some nice F/X by Tom Savini and a pretty nice twist at the end involving another troubled youth.This one is a bit hard to find but it is worth tracking down for a watch , you could do worse.
3.5 out of 5

Originally titled The last horror Film.This film was re-released by troma as Fanatic.It stars the late great Joe Spinell (maniac)as the killer once again .He again is awesome in this film playing the role of a would be Photographer/film maker who is obsessed with a actress and hunts her down at the Cannes film Festival.Some good scenes of Spinell doing what he does best , Playing convincingly bat shit crazy but other than that not the greatest slasher out there.
You could do worse but you are better off cheking out Maniac which is an amazing film.
3 out of 5

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Bay of Blood)
Really, really , truly great film by Mario Bava.One of his best in my eyes.Follows a group of people who are all after a piece of land, all of whom start getting picked off one by one in gruesome fashion.A lot of twists in this one , it keeps you guessing until the very end who the real killer truly is since just about everyones hands get bloody in this one.Some real good gore effects in this one including a especially gruesome hatchet job to the face and A scene involving a couple having sex and getting speared through the bed very similar to another scene in a later more popular film involving everyones favorite hockey mask clad killer jason vorhees.I cant get into the plot too much on this one , since I dont wanna give too much away .this one is plot heavy and pulls off the story well.It starts off as a typical giallo at first but then gets really good towards the 35 min mark or so.If you can find this one check it out for sure worth a rent or buy however you can get it , get it .trust me it is worth it and you will not be let down.
Definitley not your typical slash by numbers joint.
5 out of 5

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