Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tributes to T& A in cinema and Site Update

After the Hollywood Hot Tubs review I found a woman that sparked my interest enough to search for nude phoos and more films featuring her. It is not too often that a lovely lady graces the screen and impacts me so much to do so. With that said I have decided that instead of posting a top 10 or whatever list of my favorite actresses of yesteryear  , I will be posting a tribute to one of my favorite nudie film actresses each week. I will however attempt to give a bit more detail about the actress than I did with the Jewel Sheppard post though. I hope you guys enjoy this little addition to my site as I know I will enjoy doing the research for sure.

        I also would like to thank all the readers here yet again as I have now reached a little over 19,000 views and the site continues to grow in popularity. I could not be hapier , although again I gotta preach about the readers being more interactive. I am always trying to work on making this place better and I would love some feedback as to what i can do to provide a better place for Movie fans to check out. Any help and criticism is encouraged.
                                                        Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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