Monday, September 26, 2011

Guinea Pig: The Devil's Experiment

Guinea Pig: The Devil's Experiment (1985)
Dir:Satoru Ogura

Devil's Experiment was the first installment in the Guinea Pig series and man is it intense, Quite honestly this one was kinda hard to sit through. I will get to that later but first allow me to give a brief synopsis of this sick little gem.
              Honestly there is not much to write about for this short sickie from Japan. The film opens with a woman being hung in a net from a tree , as all the shots are filmed on a grainy camcorder to give this a more authentic feel. We then see the woman victim strapped to a chair and chapter one begins as three men lay the slaps to her until she begins bruising, After that the men begin kicking her on the ground and mocking her as she writhes in pain.The men continue to torture the poor woman in some strange ways and each different tactic is separated into chapters with titles such as, Hit,Kick, Unconscious,Worms ,Guts ,Needles and so on.

After the woman is beaten senseless the gang ties her up to sleep once again in the net hanging from a tree in a Forrest it appears. The next morning is mostly psychological torture as they Spin her until she vomits and passes out and torture her with noise by strapping headphones to her ears full blast for 26 hours.Now that she appears to be completely comatose by all the mental anguish , the men begin pouring hot oil on her arm then cover her wounds with worms and pig guts while laughing at her torment.

Then for the grand finale where the men slice her hands open and smash them with a sledgehammer before the sickest moment in the film entitled Needle. One of the men sticks a needle through the woman's eye from the side of her face and this has to be one of the most convincing effects I have ever seen in my long history of watching gore flicks. I would love to know how they pulled this one off because it is so real looking it is unsettling. The film comes to a close on an open ending as the woman is once again seen hanging from the tree as text scrolls across the screen explaining the circumstances of the "Found Footage".

After watching this film it makes me think that the whole Charlie Sheen / MPAA issue was actually aimed towards this film as this one has a much more realistic and "Snuff" feel about it. Although I did not find this movie great by any means it did kind of blaze trails in many ways , First the whole "Found Footage" was not really used to this extent before other than in cannibal Holocaust and the effects in this film are way above par even by today's standards. Second as I stated before if it were not for films like this there would probably never have been Tokyo Shock such as Ichi the killer and Tokyo gore police and the like. So for that I have to give the makers credit for setting trends and seeing the future of cinema. With that said it is kind of rough to sit through 48 minutes of on woman just being brutally tortured relentlessly. If you are into simulated snuff such as the August Underground series and similar films then this is a must see , otherwise aside from the excellent effects there is nothing to this film at all..

Gore:8 ( less gore than Flesh and Blood , But more convincing effects and that is saying something)
Overall: 5 out of 10

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