Tuesday, September 20, 2011

17,000 Views and 200th Review Update

Here I am again to thank all of the readers here for helping my readership grow as fast as it has. It seems each month I am accumulating more and more views and I could not be happier.....Well that's a lie, Because I still have not received the participation I would like from you guys. Please Subscribe/Follow my site if you are a regular reader it would really mean allot. With that said I believe I only have a few more films until my 200th review and I would love to get some kind of feedback as to what you guys would like to see me write about here, So if anyone has suggestions please feel free to leave it in the comments because I would love to get this site to be more interactive than it is at this point and I hope to get a small group of you guys and gals that support to start sending me ideas and suggestions on what to review and what I could do to make the site more enjoyable. And no I am not gonna post anymore Bailey Jay pics if that is what you come here for I could forward you somewhere you would enjoy more.... Sorry but I think I messed up by posting those in the first pace because The posts with her pics are really messing up my numbers and making it hard to figure out who is actually reading my reviews and who is just stumbling here while looking for Shemale porn...As lovely as she is it just ain't the place for that stuff and my apology's to those how don't like that kind of stuff as weel. This is a movie site after all and that is what I set out to provide you with.
                                                                        Thanks a bunch for reading,
                                                                                                      Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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