Wednesday, September 7, 2011

small correction

I misread that stat and it appears only 200 of my views have been directly linked to Bailey Jay pics and that makes me happy, Thank you all out there for the support. It really makes my day to know that this small site has actually garnered some attention, because in the begining I though it would only get seen maybe a few times a month but to my suprise it has been quickly gaining popularity each month and that to me makes it all worth while. So enough of that now I shall get back to the reviews... I may not have one up tonight but by tomorrow I should have another up and I am kinda stuck on what too watch? I have easily over 5,000 movies in my collection and it gets tough picking them out every once and awhile unless something jumps out at me.
                                                  Again Thanks readers,
                                                                                   Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

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