Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hollywood Hot Tubs

Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984)
Dir: Chuck Vincent (Preppies/Sex Drive/Sexpot)

After watching Hot Resort last night it kind of put me in the mood to watch another one of these 80's classics. This time I was hoping for something a little more satisfying. Luckily Hollywood Hot Tubs delivered the goods I was looking for. I found this one is truly a rare one in the genre and honestly one of the first of it's kind being made in 1983 and released in 1984. Obviously most of these films don't offer much in story but this particular film is one of the few of it's kind that has a ton of charm about it.

             Shawn is a troubled youth who is having problems finding direction in life and after he and some of his pals head out to vandalize the famous Hollywood sign he gets busted and is facing some serious jail time for his actions. After a meeting with his parents and his Probation officer, everyone comes to a mutual agreement that of Shawn can prove he can keep a job he will be spared the time behind bars. Lucky for Shawn his uncle Al owes his father a favor and he happens to own a Hot Tub repair/plumbing company in Hollywood. Right away Shawn is sent off to live with his uncle Al and begin working to prove he can change.

Al's business is not doing as well as he would like it to and he is trying to establish a working arrangement with Hollywood Hot Tubs a local booming business run by Pam Landers and her beautiful valley girl daughter Crystal played by Jewel Sheppard (Return of the Living dead/Christina). After meeting his uncles small staff of Jeff and Leslie, Shawn is sent on his first job where he is thrown to the wolves and has a awkward run in when he is repairing a film directors hot tub.Meanwhile Al sets out to close the deal with the Hot Tub establishment to no avail. Shawn also immediately takes a liking to Leslie which does not sit well with Jeff who has been trying to win her affections for some time , only to be denied several times due to her motto of not mixing business with pleasure.Shawn continues to learn the ropes and finds himself getting work at some questionable establishments along the way , This however does not please his Probation officer due to the sexual nature of some of the places he is sent to do maintenance.

Shawn starts to get to Leslie and the gang all head out to a local arcade for a after work party where we see signs of Leslie starting to like Shawn as they find they have some things in common such as video games. Jeff begins to get seriously jealous and starts plotting ways to get him in trouble with his love interest. Before that though Jeff shows his sneaky side as he goes to Hollywood Hot tubs in order to sabotage their tubs in order to get the the job for himself in attempt to get a promotion and impress Leslie. Lucky for Jeff this goes on without a hitch and he gets the contract.Before the job is set in stone we meet a eccentric character named Edgar Blood who is a classic horror movie actor who is a little too much into his work as they fix his hot tub in his limo.Soon Jeff finds the perfect way to set up Shawn and get him on the bad side of Leslie after she finally agreed to go on a date with him, by Tricking some women soccer players into believing they were movie execs. while cleaning a hot tub in their locker room. Jeff then calls Leslie in for a part and she arrives to see Shawn and Jeff in the tub with a big group of topless ladies. This of course ruins any chance for Shawn right as the big job comes through and Al and his staff set out to celebrate.

As Shawn's Probation officer begins questioning Al about the establishments he is getting jobs at , Jeff begins to hit it off with the owner of Hollywood Hot Tubs. As his feelings grow for her Jeff begins to feel guilty about his underhanded ways and he comes clean to Leslie about Shawn as well as Pam about sabotaging her company in order to get the job. Unfortunately for Jeff this moment of clarity does not go over well with Debbie and she alerts her older brother about his actions, this spells disaster for Jeff as her brother is a leader of a biker gang that just happens to be in town to visit for her business anniversary party. Before all hits the fan she has a change of heart and now the wackiness ensues. The party begins and Jeff is forced to play hide and seek while we witness allot of crazy clients of the hot Tub establishment along with the party goers at the same time. While a ton of hilarity ensues, Edgar Blood happens to have snuck into the place in full monster costume and begins scaring the patrons. Lucky for Jeff the monster manages to take out the bikers before chasing off all the party goers. After the party wraps we get the typical end of these kind of films where we get text telling us what happened to key cast members after the film,and in this one some of which are actually funny and are good pay off's to the rest of the film.

As far as 80's sex romps I have to say this is definitely one of the best i have seen yet. That of course does not mean the film is good by main stream standards but this is a fun film and definitely a good choice for a party with a few drinks and friends. One of this films strong suits is actually what hurts allot of the films in this genre, as the addition of so many side characters actually is a nice touch in this movie because they happen to all be likable and just get enough depth for the viewer to care without taking away from the main story line. If you enjoy the sex romp I would say if you can track this gem down it is a definite must see for the genre. As for the nudity this is another strong suit of the film as all the women in this flick are breathtaking and honestly the entire film I was anxiously awaiting to see Crystal , who had been running around with her breasts bouncing in tiny cut off shirts the entire movie to get topless which she never does and that in itself was such a let down but the hopes that it would happen honestly kept me watching with high expectations the whole time and I think that added to the greatness of the film in a weird way. Hollywood Hot Tubs is certainly up there with the best of it's kind like Screwballs,Porky's and a few other I can think of . In a genre filled with real stinkers this is a fun ride and well worth the time it takes too watch it. One last thing that this film has going for it, is that it is not over the top goofy and at times is actually funny which is where allot of these kind of films fall flat.
SO this film delivered exactly what I was looking for and that is all I can ask from such a film. Now that I have my T&A fix, I am gonna throw myself head first back into the horror next. So enjoy the fluff for now as I will be supplying the gore very soon.

Overall: 6 out of 10

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