Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Site news and The 200th Review is finally here!

Hello out there my faithful readers and followers. So The time is here and my 200th review is upon us. I have decided to make a four parts of sorts out of it as I will be taking on the remaining four films from the controversial Guinea Pig Series, The first part I will be posting tonight as I will be talking about "Devil Doctor Woman" and arguably the most notorious o the series in "Flower of Flesh and Blood" . As those who have watched this series know these are a series of shorts that were notorious in Japan in the early 80's for being deemed to graphic ,even to the point that some were often believed to be real "Snuff" films. however there are a few with lighter sides to them like the previously reviewed  "He Won't Die" and "Devil Doctor Woman" . The latter which I personally found hilarious. Anyway with all that out of the way, The site has reached over 18,000 views and is quickly approaching 19,000, which is awesome!  Now for some more alterations to my review style, I have decided that with the 200th review I am going to try a bit of a different approach as I will be chopping the review into three different portions which will be The Synopsis/Description of the film and plot, Then I will provide my final thoughts and bits of information on the film and any noteworthy tidbits I find worth mentioning and then I will provide a suggestion portion which will compare the film to other similar films and ones I feel you would enjoy if you enjoy the featured film or vice versa, Then of course the standard rating of 1-10. I pretty much do all of this already but I feel like I will use this new format to expand and provide more in depth information and the like ,  I believe cutting it up like this will allow for more detail without getting crammed into the closing thoughts. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to comment and give criticisms as to what you think I could do to make the site a better place.
                                                                  Thanks for all the support and please keep reading,
                                                                                                          Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

Now here is some classic beauty to kind of even out the Bailey Jay Pics...Enjoy the gorgeous Classic Playmate Cynthia Meyers

            I wish I was around when Boobs were actually Boobs and not bags of chemicals....Ah The good ol' Days when a woman could weigh more than 90 pounds and still be considered breath taking by the majority.

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