Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some upsetting news

So today I did a little research and I found that about 2,000 views on this site were due to the keywords Bailey Jay. Now I dont really mind because I am hoping that those that stumbled upon my sitelooking for her actually read some of my reviews but , I only posted those original few pics as a joke and it turns out that allot of people just came here to see her pics. I dont really understand it since you can find porn anywhere on the web, but whatever the case may be from here on out I will not be posting anymore pics of her to determine how much traffic I am actually getting due to my work. I do enjoy writing these reviews and I am always trying to sharpen my skills, but I would like to think people come here to check out and learn about rare films as opposed to just jack off to a Bailey Jay pic.This right here is why it is so improtant for you guys and gals and in betweens to subscribe so I can actually see that people are looking for info on odd cinema and not just get off to tranny Porn.

To counter balance I shall now post an pic of a awesome lady of film, The one and only Donna from the cheech and Chong  films also known as Evelyn Guerrero or Mrs.Miyagi (As she was married to him in real life,what a lucky dude)


  1. I actually found this blog while searching 'Evelyn Guerrero'. Then I looked around & saw the movies that you were covering. Some are ones that I already love, others are ones that I will definitely be seeking out. This post gained you a follower. (..and thanks for the pic of Evelyn)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you enjoyed the site. I have been lacking a bit the last month due to internet /financial issues. But I promise to get back to it full swing ASAP. Awesome you found this while searching for Evelyn, I always had a crush on "Donna" growing up she is incredible. Thanks for following I really appreciate it. If you ever have any suggestions for films or how I can improve the site feel free to let me know.

  3. great post! I too came here following the photo of Evelyn Guerrero. You'll be glad to know, I don't even know who Baily Jay is. Is she worth looking up? You mentioned tranny porn, so now I am worried to. I'm glad Evelyn is appreciated by more guys than just me.