Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christina Lindberg: Face of an Angel

Christina Lindberg hands down is one of the most gorgeous women to  grace the grind-house cinemas across the globe. From her angelic,youthful face to her flawless natural body. She stole the breath away from many a film goer through the 70's and on. Her most famous role is that of playing Madeline.One Eye the kidnapped young woman who gets her revenge on her captives after fighting through a forced drug addiction and rape in brutal and beautiful fashion in Thriller:They Call her One Eye. Lindberg recaptured some resurgence of fame years later when Quentin Tarrantino  made Kill Bill and sited Christina's character in that film as a major inspiration for some of the characters. Lindberg was also quite well known for her innocent look yet being a real sexpot on screen, Starring in several romance/Soft Porn films and even some featuring full on penetration. Her list of cheesecake films sport such titles as Maid in Sweden , Anita, Swinging Co-Eds , Young Playthings and The Pornstar Travels Japan. Along with more exploitation cinema like her popular film Exposed. With the popularity boost of Grindhouse cinema over the past few years Linda's films have been getting DVD transfers and I could not be happier because before that many of these films were near impossible to track down unless you knew someone who  was an avid collector.So as a tribute to this spectacle of the female form here is a few shots of the lovely queen of Swedish exploitation cinema Christina Lindberg

Feast your eyes and I hope you enjoy the first instalment of my tributes to the beauties of Off Beat Cinema.
I could not think of a better first feature than this Swedish dish. I hope you love looking at her as much as I do. Lindberg is a beauty that dos not come around to often and it is hard to imagine anyone ever capturing the same balance of innocence and sexuality as hers.

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