Thursday, December 9, 2010

Someones Knocking at the Door

Someones Knocking at the Door (2009)
Director:Chad Ferrin (Troma's Edge T.V./tales From the Crapper/The Unspeakable)

Sometimes I watch a film that is so odd that it is hard to review, I have run into this problem with films like Schramm and a few others in the past and once again today I find myself pondering how to put this one into words and basic description and on top of that I had a hard time finding screenshots of any of the killings in this film due to the tactics involved in doing so. On the surface this film has a pretty basic premise and is easy to explain but the direction it goes from there is a bit off the beaten path making it hard to explain. So here it goes. A group of med school students with a pension for extra-curricular activities decide to sneak into the basement filing room of the school/hospital when they stumble upon two things they find to good to pass up, One being a mysterious drug called Taldon and the other being a file on John and Wilma Hopper. So the gang takes it upon themselves to do some experimenting with the newfound serum while listening to the tapes of the Hopper case.
 John and Wilma were a coupe of psychotic murderers who chose rape as their method of killing and apparently John had a 15x4" penis as his weapon of choice, and the drug was sort of an experimental sedative with fatal side effects. Shortly after the groups little field trip through space and time one of their group Ray is raped to death by a giant phallus and this of course is shown in great detail within the first five minutes of the film. The rest of the film plays out like a whodunit murder mystery sort of as a pair of detectives question the rest of the group about the happenings leading to his death and the origins of this mysterious drug found in his room.The cast of characters is actually quite an interesting bunch and we learn allot about each one of their problems and so on during this process. We are introduced to Meg The requisite good girl who does not part take in all the drug using abound, Joe a.k.a. Spazz a stuttering nervous young man with a habit of snapping and popping E, Annie the foreign exchange student who seems relatively normal until one particular scene I will get into later , Sebastian A complete asshole who knows no bounds in trashing the others in the group and hitting bellow the belt, and Justin Rays best friend and Meg's love interest who is obviously addicted to the Taldon and is the main focus of our story. After the questioning the group tries to find out what exactly happened to Ray and we have a slow build to the inevitable demise of each of these lovely co-eds. Apparently by playing the tapes of John Hopper it resurrects him from the dead and he appears to kill them all with his giant Dick monster but he apparently can shape shift because he always pops up during times when the kids are having sex and then one of them turns into him, but first the killings start when Sebastian and Annie are hooking up and Sebastian takes it too far when his advances are denied he strikes Annie and he leaves her stranded in the woods where Annie is hunted down by Wilma and Annie is suffocated by having her head stuffed into Wilma's Vagina killing her. Then we see one of the detectives listening to the tapes when John shows up and skull fucks the Detective to death and again this is shown in graphic fashion but everything flashes back and forth so fast it is kinda hard to tell what is happening but you get the point vividly.

Shortly after that Meg is doing some research on Taldon after worrying about Justin's  condition since he is loosing his mind due to the drug and the detective that was killed appears naked with a giant dick now and he tries to rape her to death after chasing her through the halls of the hospital but luckily she is saved by some cops who shoot the monstrosity down.

Then we see Annie back at Sebastians Door nude dawning a large strap-on.
which Sebastian is more than eager to give a spin, so he hooks himself up to some nitrous and lets her go at his holyist of hollies when she turns into John mid sex act and his dick bursts out of Sebastian's stomach. Then we are flashed forward to Justin and Joe in a hospital room with Meg after the attack and the detectives partner shows up to tell the the bad news of their other friends being found dead when Justin looses it and kills the detective then Joe before turning the gun on himself.
After this we see The two detectives alive as doctors and they are struggling to revive Justin while Meg is frantically crying and apparently the entire thing was a bad trip the gang was having while overdosing during their trip to the File room from the beginning and we see the entire group dead on the floor and we end with Justin's body on a stretcher being wheeled down the hall as his eyes open.
Obviously there is allot I am leaving out of this little synopsis but, this film was just kind of all over the place. The film starts off with an interesting premise and some original killers but it seems like they just tried too hard to be different and with the twist ending it just comes off as a anti-drug propaganda film more than anything.The gore is way over the top and sometimes it works but the flash directing makes the scenes of violence hard to follow and when you are setting out to make a gore film , which is essentially what this is that is not such a wise idea. Another problem with this film is all the characters with the exception of Meg and Joe are kinda portrayed as pieces of shit and you really don't wanna root for any of them, which given the ending I guess is a good thing. The character of John Hopper is downright creepy looking and well cast but I think the whole idea of a killer penis is better suited for films like Pervert and Bad Biology where there is a lighter tone to it. It is kinda hard not to laugh at the idea and this film is obviously not meant to be laughed at. So this film had promise but the film makers kinda blew it with all the weird flashback and hallucination fade outs making the film ultimately harder to follow than it needed to be, If the film was simplified a bit and they cut down on some of the drug effect scenes this film would have flowed allot better and made a whole lot more sense. In the end I was disappointed especially after reading allot of good things about this film. Now this is not really a bad movie all together it just seemed cluttered and thrown together , So fianl rating for this one is......

Story: 6
Cast of characters:6
Nudity:4 (lots of dick,But one pair of excellent tits)
Overall: 6 out of 10

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