Wednesday, December 15, 2010

not so subtle pandering

So today I was looking at the stats of my page and number of views and it has become clear to me that people are actually checking out my site. I think that is awesome but, if you are on of the few folks that frequents my site I ask of you , Please subscribe and leave comments. i really could use some constructive criticism in order to find out how you guys think I am doing and what I could work on in my reviews. I am constantly trying to improve my writing style and I was recently offered a spot at a actual cult  movie review site which I kind of turned down because I felt I needed to work on my style first and get a solid form down before putting my work out there to a much wider audience. So again, Please leave comments, suggestions and even requests for films you would like to see reviewed because it would mean allot to me to have the interaction . I enjoy writing these for the fans off odd cinema but I just wanna provide a better place for those to come and spend time reading and learning about the films I review and love. thanks guys for your support and I hope you guys continue to enjoy my little corner of the web that is DickswiftsHouseofbadcinemaandwaffles...Truly guys, Thank you. It means allot to me to have folks out there who enjoy or Loathe  the same Films I do and it's nice to be heard.
                                                                                       Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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