Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nekromantik 2

Nekromantik 2 (1991)

Dir: Jorg Buttgereit

The sequel to the controversial first film picks up essentially right after the end scene of the original installment as we are treated to a reenacted version of the Masturbation suicide scene from it's closing moments.
Then we meet Monica our main character for this film as she digs up the corpse of Robert from the original. After taking the corpse home and molesting it, we meet her would be boyfriend Mark , who has the interesting job of dubbing porn films.Mark quickly learns there is something not quite right with Monica as she has a obsession with death and the macabre.Most of this film consists of watching the budding relationship between these two and her growing love of Necrophilia.At one point there is a cameo of Beatrice from the original as she too attempts to retrieve Roberts corpse only to find his grave had already been robbed. There is a gruesome scene where Monica decides she can no longer keep Rob's body around so she chops his corpse up in a bathtub and dumps his remains , In trash bags back at his grave sight yet saving his head and penis.This film,  like most of Buttgereit's films try for a artsy touch and we get strange cut shots and a musical number at one point and much like the original we are also treated to some actual footage of a seal being skinned and stripped for meat so the tradition of animal cruelty continues in this one,in a rather disturbing scene.The film also goes out with a  bang much like the original saving it's most shocking scene for the finale when Monica and Mark have sex and she beheads him brutally in the heat of passion and replaces his head with Rob's while she ties   his penis with a cock ring of sorts to keep him hard during this sick switch.After all is said , there is really not much to this film that sticks out other than the few disturbing scenes although we do get some quirky characters and dialog. This film much like Buttgereit's other films are truly only intended for a niche audience and if you like his other work you will enjoy this one if you do not , well this is much of the same. Now if you have never seen any of his work then I would suggest the first Nekromantik over this one or Schramm but again you have to have the patience and stomach to sit through any of them. All of his films to me kind of come off as trying to be art films with controversial subject matter and sick attempts to shock the viewer into either making them believe he is brilliant or just to test the viewers will to make it through testing waters and crossing lines of decency. Is this film bad ? not really but it isn't really good either and after watching a few of his films I just don't get there hyped reputation and why they are so sought after other than the fact that they are rare  making them desired by horror completists and collectors. So this one and his other works to me are not worth the going rate of 70 plus for used copies but if you can find cheaper copies or one for rent they may be worth a watch just to see something different and add some knowledge to what is out there other than the standard U.S. and Japan Gore films. You can do much better though when hunting down something for shock value alone.
Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Could not get screenshots for this review due to me not being able to get the DVD to play in my usual media player. Next review should be back to normal.

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