Monday, December 27, 2010

Lucker: The Necrophagus

Lucker: The Necrophagus (1986)

John Lucker is a serial Killer/Rapist with a fetish for Necrophilia, In the opening scenes we see him in a vegetative state after a suicide attempt and he has been drugged into the coma by doctors at a mental hospital. Soon he wakes from his lucid state and makes a quick escape after disposing of a doctor on his way out.
He then obtains some wheels after carjacking a nurse and killing her in the process. After the successful escape he heads down the road on foot and we get  a few flashes back to his last murder and an apparent victim who may have survived.In the present Lucker makes his way to hunt down the apparent potential victim but not before he takes out a few others along the way, including a hooker he meets at a bar.
The Hooker takes Lucker to her complex and this sequence takes up a large portion of the film as he ties her up and tortures her before eventually stabbing her to death. After the murder he stays with the corpse for 4 weeks to allow the corpse to rot apparently to allow the body to ripen in order for him to have sex with the rotted remains. This scene is a obvious attempt to shock the viewer as he molests the deceased in graphic fashion including fingering the body then licking the rot from his hands.
 After he is through with this latest victim , Lucker heads to the buildings basement to dispose of the remains and he finds some trouble along the way , while two of the prostitutes friends arrive at her complex looking for her since she had gone missing for weeks. One of the friends has a key so upon entering the room they find her room dismantled and covered in blood, Alerting them to the foul play. Of course one girl is offed quickly and the other is kidnapped and drug to the basement seemingly unnoticed by anyone in the building.
Once she is tied up Lucker finds that his one victim from years prior that had escaped also lives in this building so of course he heads out to get her and also takes her to the basement to force her to watch him do his work. During this scene the Survivor manages to once again escape Luckers grasp and a chase ensues leading to the inevitable end of Luckers reign of terror in sort of a anti climactic finish.

After watching this film , I gotta say I was a little disappointed, it was suggested to me by a few fellow film buffs and I read some reviews leading me to believe this film was a shocking gore fest and honestly I was not impressed. The effects were bad the gore was lackluster and the only disturbing scene was the corpse rape which was rather tame in comparison to some similar films I have seen, And after watching A Serbian film nothing quiet disturbs me as much , That film was so screwed up it makes anything else pale in comparison. I can see how this film would be considered shocking in it's day but the video is so low quality and the gore effects are so low budget it just did not do much for me. I did however enjoy the Lucker Character as he would sit quietly watching his victims for seemingly days before killing them and I thought that was a  nice touch. I would recommend this for gore film enthusiasts though as it is a nice piece of history and It does push some boundaries especially since it was released before films like Nekromantik and some others with similar subject matter, It's just not the best film of the genre available these days when seemingly nothing is off bounds in film.
Nudity:4 (Not much there, But when it is in the shot it is graphic)
Characters:5 (Luckers Creepiness is the films only saving grace in this category)
Story:6 (decent run of the mill back story, nothing to much to it)
Overall 5.5 out of 10

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