Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silent Night , Deadly Night Pt.3

Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)
Dir:Monte Hellman (A fistfull Of Dollars)
Starring: Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2/ House of 1000 Corpses/ Devils Rejects)
Laura Harring ( Mullholland Drive) Robert Culp (Turk 182/Police Story/Santa's Slay)

So following the utter rip that was Silent Night Deadly Night 2 We Catch up with Ricky now played By Bill Moseley. Ricky is Comatose and being used as a Guinea Pig in Dr. Newbury's experiment to see if Coma Patients can interact with people with psychic abilities. This introduces us to the films hero, Laura who is a young woman who was blinded in a plane crash that killed her parents yet, left her with some telepathic powers. While connected to Ricky she has several nightmares involving Santa and of course flashbacks to the original.Ricky has a Giant dome over his head containing his brain which truly makes him look goofy as hell and really hard to take seriously at all.
Upon leaving the Lab, Laura has a vision of Ricky escaping and killing some of the staff along the way, Yet she neglects to mention this to anyone and goes on her way to Grandma's with her Brother Chris and his Girlfriend Jerri. Shortly after leaving A Santa arrives at the hospital to visit patients and while mocking Ricky and his condition, Ricky awakes killing the Santa and then heads out to escape fulfilling Laura's premonition from earlier.
Upon escape Ricky reads Laura's mind from miles away and heads to their Grandma's house to join them for Christmas dinner, Quite Literally as he makes it to the house before the siblings and The Grandma just invites the creepy looking man in to feed him, All appears well until she gives Ricky a present wrapped in red which sets him off, We Here a scream and are taken back to Laura and company as they arrive moments after.
Upon arrival Laura is worried that Grandma is not there to greet them but her brother and his love interest feel it is nothing odd and go about Bathing together before actually even looking for Their Grannie.
Elsewhere we see The doctor and a detective hot on the trail of Ricky and they come across a few of his victims along the way before making wat to their destination.
After Chris and the gang have no luck finding granny, Ricky makes his presence known by Busting through the door in attempt to get Laura and the gang responds to this oddly as they don't really seem like the situation calls for any amount of panic.
As expected The doctor arrives after ditching the detective roadside and he gets to the house right after a brawl between Ricky and Chris in which Chris is stabbed and left for dead,  The Doctor tries to reason with Rick to no avail since he too is offed quite easily by knife to the gut.
This leaves Laura's and Jerri to fend for themselves and A game of cat and Blind mouse begins after Jerri is strangled to death.The final battle is pretty brief as Ricky is stabbed in the gut while leaning over to grab Laura and as anyone would predict the detective shows u just in the knick of time to save the day. Laura rides off with the detective and Merry Christmas to all......As the credits roll.
So this is the lackluster end to the Santa Killer storyline .Aside from the ridiculous looking Ricky in this installment this one could have been good if it weren't for the lack of on screen kills and horrible pacing.This one is by for not as bad as Part 2 but there really is no Continuity to the story as Ricky now is comatose and looks nothing like he did in the sequel.Moseley tries his best to be grimacing in this one which can't be easy with the giant punch bowl on top his head , But even he could not save this film from sinking the series further down the drain. It is sad to see a series with so much promise just fade into obscurity and awfulness as fast as this one did. This installment is the finale to the Santa Killer storyline in the series and it really ends anti climatically.
Overall: 5 out of 10

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