Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jokes My Folks Never Told Me

Jokes My Folks Never Told Me (1978)
Dir:Gerry Woolery
Starring: Raven De La Croix (Double D Avenger/Screwballs/Up!) Anthony Kietis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Playboy Playmate Sandy Johnson and  Penthouse Pet Mariwin Roberts

I have to admit I have a soft spot for Sketch Comedy and especially raunchy Sketch Comedy films. My favorites being The Kentucky Fried Movie and Video Vixens. So in the tradition of such films I decided to treat myself this Christmas to a rare Sex Comedy I had never seen before and although not as good as my favorites of the genre Jokes my folks never told me does deliver the goods and T&A in spades. The film opens with a sketch of a man entering a gym looking to lose 30 pounds quickly for a movie role, The trainer offers the man two plans, One being 500 dollars to lose the weight in 24 hours, The other being 1000 dollars to lose it in 12 hours. The man choses the 500 dollar plan and is taken to a room with a Beautiful woman nude with a sign reading.......

                                                   "You Catch Me, You Can Fuck Me"

Excited at this weight loss program he decides to change his mind and see what the 100 dollar program has to offer and upon entering the room a Gorilla enters with a sign reading .....
                                                             "I Catch you, I Fuck You"
           After this sketch it is easy to see that this film is just going to be Old dirty jokes in the form of Staged scenarios, And in all honesty it works. None of the jokes are anything people haven't heard before but they are all played out well and all the scenes are chock full with nudity. This is truly a huge upside to this film because all of the women in this film are incredibly beautiful. the cast is full of Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets of the era and in my opinion The Centerfolds of the 70's put all the more recent girls from the last 15 or so years to shame with the exception of a few. Some true standouts of these beauties are definitely Sandy Johnson and Mariwin Roberts, Along with the Russ Meyer girl Raven De La Croix.
                                                                       Sandy Johnson
                                                                  Raven De La Croix
                                                                    Mariwin Roberts

 The jokes in the film range from the standard Farmers Daughter/Wife jokes, A guy walks into a bar or Doctors office gags and The requisite lowbrow beastiality puns.

The film incorporates some animation to change things up occasionally but most of the film is just a series of excuses to fill the screen with tit shots. Allow me to share some of these with you now.......
Some of the jokes are legitimately funny just due to the way they are presented and of course some fall completely flat but, If you are just looking for a fun way to spend a hour or so with some light hearted low brow raunchy Comedy then this one truly does deliver the goods.this film would be a perfect choice for a 70's 80's drive in style movie night with a group of friends with some beers or whatever is preferred. Some good films to bookend this gem perfectly would easily be Video vixens and the sex o' clock news or even Kentucky fried movie or Groove Tube. This film is definitely not for everyone, you truly have to appreciate cheese to get into this one but again if you like sketch comedy and you like gratuitous nudity this should be up your alley, But I know that this is not everyones cup of tea.It's goofy, stupid, Sometimes childish but it is allot of fun. Also in a strange side note there is a cameo of a young Anthony Kietis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers as a teenager in this one, which I found oddly interesting. Here is a few more screenshots just to let you know what to expect in this gem and then my Score, Though I am a bit biased due to me Loving this genre of film...At least ones from this era, As I am not a huge fan of the more recent Spoof style sketch comedy films. They just don't make em' like they used to.
Overall: 7 out of 10

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