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Silent Night, Deadly Night Pt.5 (1991)

Silent Night, Deadly Night Pt. 5 : The Toymaker (1991)
Dir:Martin Kitrusser
Starring: Mickey Rooney (

   So once again The silent Night series takes another approach, This time capitalizing on the popularity of the Toy horror films that were so popular in the early 90's such as Child's Play and Puppet Master. So young Derrick receives a mysterious Gift on his doorstep and decides to open it, But his father finds him mid unwrapping and scolds Derrick for opening the door , being up too late and Opening his gifts before Christmas and sends him to his room. Puzzled by the unmarked Gift the Father opens it and upon unveiling finds a red ball that turns into a Santa, With a Twist.
The toy then Sprouts limbs that attach themselves to The fathers face and while he struggles to free himself he falls on a fire poker to his death as Derrick watches from the staircase.
Two weeks after the tragedy Derricks mother Sara is forced to deal with her son being mute due to the trauma he has witnessed and decides to treat him to a early Christmas gift and takes the boy to a local Toy shop owned by Joe Petto (Get it?). In the store we meet The toymaker's strange son Pino (Get it yet?) who offers Derrick a strange toy called Larry the Larvae, in which Joe takes back and scalds Pino for unknown reasons. Meanwhile an unknown man is following Sara and her son from a distance and apparently purchasing several toys from the shop in order to investigate the toy maker. He takes the Larvae toy and heads to the hotel where he is staying. The man gives the toy to his landlord in order to keep from getting evicted and on a drive through town the toy comes to life and kills the Hotel manager in a pretty decent bloodless kill, Sucking his head ry from the inside out and causing him to crash.

As the story progresses we learn that the toymaker has been crafting toys in order to kill children as a form of revenge to Joe's wife being killed and he believes no one should have a happy family since his was stolen from him. Later while Derrick is home with a babysitter while his mom is at work we learn that the stalker is Noah a ex boyfriend of Sara and Derricks real father. At the house the babysitter and her boyfriend are attacked by a army of evil toys while Joe arrives in a santa suit to kidnap Derrick.
Noah and Sara arrive at home to find the babysitter running from the house and tells the couple about the incident and Derrick being snagged. So quickly Sara rushes to the toy shop and we get our final showdown. In a interesting twist we see Joe's corpse when another Joe approaches Sara who is trapped in the basement with him.Joe then removes his face to reveal he is a robot and replaces his face with the son Pino's face.
Learning that Joe created Pino to be his son since he had none of his own, But Pino killed his creator for constantly breaking him and making him feel like he was not good enough.
After the reveal a battle ensues and Eventually Pino is taken out after a few interesting bits of dialog.Coming to its finale when Pino is chopped in half and smashed by the couple after Noah comes to the rescue.
After all is said and done, This films is an interesting take on the evil toy horror film standing on it's own merits , Though it does not live up to Silent Night Deadly Night series. It is though better than the previous sequels.This film is truly not a great film and it is a blatant cash in on the popularity of the killer toy craze going on during the time. The Character of Pino is downright goofy looking but, truly creepy in his own right. This one could have easily been a PG movie due to the lack of nudity and the gore is not overpowering enough to earn a R rating, But it does accomplish what it sets out to and pulls the punches when it needs to. Just nothing about the film really makes it noteworthy and demanding of a replay after seeing it once.
Overall: 5.5 out of 10

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