Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Updates and Site News Jan.2011

Hello readers , I would like to take this time to once again thank all of you for checking out my humble little site. I have noticed a spike in posts read as of late and I could not be happier that people are taking time out of their day to read my thoughts on these fine little gems. With that aside, You can now find my site linked to the GroundSick.com website and also you can check out a sample of a track I did for Groundsick productions entitled "Absurdities" Produced by Site founder Dyes Uno with scratches by Hoeks and myself on the Mic. All shameless self promotion aside, Dickswiftshouseofbadcinemaandwaffles will soon have a new look as some of the artists at GroundSick.com have prepared a new backdrop and banner for my review blog which I am excited to set up here to give things a more professional look. As for site news I have a few ideas for some review projects, I believe that all through February I am going to dedicate the site to strictly blaxploitation films in honor of Black History month and I also am considering doing a H.G. lewis and perhaps Russ Meyer project soon as well. Not much will change in the format except for the occasional theme for the month.So again thanks all for reading my site and please feel free to comment and leave some suggestions for future themes and films you would like to see reviewed.
                                                         Thanks,Straight from the heart,
                                                                                             Editor:  Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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