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House of Waffles Top 10 favorite films of 2010 (extended now with explanations)

Dick Swift's Top 10 Favorite Films of 2010

Since every proper Reviewer has done so, I suppose I should follow suit, So here are my Personal Top 10 films of 2010. I know that this list will be much different than most anyone else's out there so I figured I would add my perspective to the mix. Keep in mind my taste in film usually runs off the beaten path so I hope you all give my list a look and actually take my advice and check these films out, because one thing I know for sure none of these films listed are boring, That to me is key.

10. The Best Worst Film: A fun little Documentary on the cult phenomenon that is Troll 2, Widely considered the worst film ever made. The film catches up with the entire cast from the film and the director. This film is genuinely funny and it is sort of touching at parts . Watching the director witness large crowds of viewers laughing at what he thought was a serious film to meeting the main actor as he makes a life outside of acting as a Dentist and a seemingly truly nice man. Really entertaining documentary and essential viewing for all cult and b movie enthusiasts out there.

9. Machete: Danny Trejo finally gets his big break after years of being in the background and he comes through in this film big time. A throwback to the grind house exploitation films with new school effects. Some truly odd casting with Robert Deniro as a redneck and Steven Seagal as a Mexican drug lord...... Hilarious. Although for some reason I wanted more from this film but it is still a fun watch. I am looking forward to the follow ups though as I see this has allot of potential.

8. Kick-Ass: Gruesome fun action film but honestly my favorite part...... Hit Girl! I can see this young girl having a huge successful career ahead of her after this performance. All the rest of the cast is excellent in their roles as well with Nicholas Cage and the young girl who plays Hit Girl being the highlights. Awesome fight scenes and effects make this one of the better action films of the year, when the theaters seemed to be over abundant in that genre for the most part of the Summer when this was originally released. Plus I found this to be one of the best Comic Book to screen adaptations in years, If not of all time.

7. Ticked Off  Trannies with Knives: This film is as camp as you can get. Made in the vain of classic Grindhouse exploitation films of the 70's. Take one part Rape/Revenge film, One part Homage/spoof to the genre and add some extremely funny Transsexual "actresses" and you get this fun little gem. Obviously not a film for everyone due to the Transsexual aspect, but for those who can get past that this is a truly entertaining and lovable film.

6.Big Tits Zombie: One of the funniest J-Horror films in years, Truly a hilarious take on the zombie movie sub-genre with all the nods to the classics such as The Romero Dead series, Return of the Living Dead and the Evil dead trilogy.Cheesy effects, Lots of Nudity and gore to be seen and a fire breathing Vagina should say it all. A must see for fans of Zombie films or B-movies in general.

5. A Serbian Film: Truly the most disturbing film I have ever seen and that is saying allot. I honestly wanted to hate this film due to it's subject matter and some of the scenarios portrayed but after it's over , the film just sticks with you for all the wrong and right reasons. Well acted , well written , Wonderfully shot and paced yet horribly wrong......For those who found Human Centipede to be the most disturbing film of the year, This one makes the "first sequence" look like Sesame Street.

4.Vampire Girl V.S. Frankenstein Girl : A follow up to Tokyo Gore Police, This film continues the tradition of over the top gore and characters.If you enjoy Troma films or J-Gore films alike , this one is a must see. Truly entertaining from beginning to end. It has everything you could want from Nudity , graphic gore, to  Martial arts sequences and Japanese girls in Black face, What else could you as for?

3.Hatchet 2: A perfect follow up to the first film , not a dull moment. This is what all future  Slashers should use as a blueprint, I really hope the series continues. Taking the slasher genre back to it's roots while still managing to remain original when it needs to. If Victor Crowley continues on after this installment and we get blessed with more Leslie Vernon (Behind The Mask) films as well, The future of Horror may not be as bleak as it appears today with the overflowing in flux of remakes and rehashes.As those two slashers could easily be crafted into the new generation Jason and Michael Myers.

2.Black Dynamite: Although the movie came out in 2009 it wasn't released in the U.S. until 2010. This movie I think I have watched more than any other movie this year and it never gets old. The perfect spoof/Homage to the Blaxploitation films of the 70's. This is a film I would love to see turned into a franchise. Absolutely the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time. The epitome of a must see in my eyes, especially for those who like films of that era.The epitome of a Loving tribute to the source material.

1. Black Swan: Visually stunning, Beautifully acted and written. The most suspenseful movie I have seen in some time. Solidifies Aronofsky as a genius. It is a true injustice if this film does not sweep at the golden globes and the Oscars for 2010, Everyone involved brought their A game and it shows. Plus Natalie Portman getting it on with herself and Mila Kunis in a seriously erotic Lesbian sequence for all the pig headed male viewers out there who find the story boring. In my eyes, and I know I am not alone here, this is hands down the Best serious Film of the year.

So there is my quick list of favorite films of 2010.   What are your thoughts?

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