Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quickie Review: Chingaso the Clown

Chingaso The Clown : Short Film (2006)

After watching Joseph Guzman's two feature length films I did some research and found that he also Produced a Short film entitled Chingaso The Clown. In hopes to see what he could do behind the camera and stepping out of his Rape/Revenge comfort zone. I must say I was pleased and would love to see this film get a full length treatment. The story is based on a underground Comic book of the same name and it focuses on a small town where Clowns and mimes have created a hostile takeover, which lead to a war between the two tribes.The runtime on this treasure is only 15 mins but with the credits removed only about 10 mins total. Chingaso's family was killed by the clown army and in order to gain revenge ,Our films hero dawns the greasepaint in order to infiltrate the ranks. Chingaso hunts down Bastard The Clown whom is a criminal boss/clown and during their brief encounter Chingaso is lead to Long Prey the leader of the Army. Long Prey is a Dominatrix with a knack for loving pain as much as she enjoys dishing it out. The film wraps right before the showdown as Chingaso is out numbered and the film fades to black and credits roll. For the short time this story is given it does manage to develop it's story and characters quite well considering and the atmosphere sets a very grim mood . I believe that if this film was released in full length adding in the back story and lengthening Chingaso's Trail to his Parents killers it would make for an interesting and truly original story. Although Joseph Guzman did not direct this film I still would add it to his credit of successes , So in my eyes he has yet to let me down and I could see this young director having a serious cult following if only he could step out of his comfort zone of the Rape/Revenge genre , maybe adding a slasher flick or something exploitation like other than the standard I spit on Your Grave premise. There are very few Directors that I consider their Filmography untarnished and so far Guzman fits that list along the likes of Frank Hennenlotter and H.G Lewis , Now I am not saying that these guys are the best directors by any means but for what they are, Genre Film makers they rarely ever miss. So with that said , here's hoping that Guzman can continue his Grindhouse influenced film making and not remain a one trick pony and that Chingaso soon gets a full length feature as it would be a refreshing take on the revenge/Horror genre.

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