Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Pick-Up's

So Finally after months of not being able to afford any new stuff to add to my collection, I broke and splurged on some stuff to add to my shelf. So here is the short list of what I grabbed recently. Also I am hoping that in the next few months I will actually have some expendable income so I will be hitting the video racks again, To find some stuff to review.

The Boy From Hell: I already reviewed this little short film, I just had to pick it up due to the cover and how strange the film looked . I was a little disappointed to find it was a short film since the entire cover of my copy was all in Japanese.

Slumber Party Massacre Collection:  Finally after years of this series being out of print, The Roger Corman Collection re-released these films in a 2-disc set including all three original films plus a interesting three part documentary chronicling the making of the series complete with interviews with most of the casts and all the directors. This series is unique in that all the films were directed and written by female directors. I would review these films but I previously got the two sequels covered in my archives but, I may review the original sometime down the road.

Tokyo Gore Police 1.5: One of the greatest J-Horror splatstick films ever made and an instant classic in my eyes. This version of the DVD comes with a second disc including some short films adding to the film experience. One of the shorts is titled Tokyo Gore Laborer and it follows a lonely man who suffers from a speech impediment , He struggles to find a job after being released from prison and after finding a job on a construction site where he is out casted by his co workers. One day a woman approaches him and after a kiss she turns him into a Engineer . He returns to the job site the next day and attacks everyone in sight until meeting his untimely demise. Avery fun little 15 minute film. The second is the heroine of my Adolescence , This is a truly strange short and is hard to put into words. After a girl is told a story of a young woman who gets revenge on some bullies after becoming a beast with blades for limbs, She runs into a group of thugs resembling the ones in the story and she is attacked.Then she drifts off into a dream sequence where her limbs are ground up and fed to her then they are replaced with giant pencils. When she awakes she gets her revenge on the group in odd fashion. Also the extras include two hilarious fake commercials and then a extension to the full length film which is supposed to be put in 63 mins into the movie and it is truly one of the odder sequences I have ever seen even by this movies standards, It follows after the strip club scene from the film and involves a woman engineer becoming a Medusa like creature with penises all over her body fighting the police. very odd but would have fit right in with the rest of the film, although it is an extra 30 mins of footage. This one is definitely a good pick up if you do not already own Tokyo Gore Police than this is the version to have and it is usually only something like 2 dollars ore than the original stripped down version.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job Season 4: Not much to say about this, Just a collection of all the episodes from the season and a few extras and deleted scenes.I absolutely love this show so it was a must have for me since I have all the previous seasons. Not their strongest season but it does ave it's highlights.

SO that is all my latest pick ups and now back to the Reviews. I hope soon my financial situation will be improving and I will be able to go spoil myself more often.

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