Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy Killer

Sexy Killer (2008)
Dir:Miguel Marti (Slam/Fin De Curso)
Starring: Macarena Gomez (Dagon/20 Centimeters)

This movie is truly refreshing, A completely fresh and original take on several horror genres at once. The story focuses on a college student Barbara and her fancy for killing. This film is kind of  like American Psycho (although the movie is Spanish) meets Legally Blonde. The film opens with a man dressed like the killer from Scream stalking some girls in their changing room at the school when he see's someone mimicking him in the same costume, mirroring his every move until the copycat slices the pervs arm. The perv then runs into the halls for escape and he see's Barbara. After alerting her of the madman on the loose he sees the costume in her locker before she slits his throat and the film begins.

Barbara prepares for a costume party and heads out with a severed head in her purse. While walking to the event with her dog, the pet gets hit by an asshole in a sports car, Once the man exits his car to scold her for damaging his ride Barbara springs into action and stabs his hand to his hood. At this point she begins telling her story, And the movie begins as she narrarates her murder spree and the on goings leading to this point in the film.
First she provides a bit of a back story complete with a musical number about her wanting to be just like her favorite doll , much like Barbie called superstar Stacy, and from there she jumps to her first murder. She meets a young man on campus who wants to be a plastic surgeon. This turns Barbara on, so she gives him some action. and in a truly funny scene , she is bored to death with his lack of endowment and sexual skills so afterwards she suffocates him with a plastic bag and pushes him from a window, On his way down he kills a passerby  as he lands on the innocent man.
Now we meet Barbara's true love interest in the film Tomas who is studying to be a coroner , he and his roommate Alex have created a machine that can project a persons thoughts onto a screen allowing them to read peoples minds, This becomes important later.
Barbara continues her killing spree and we get to know a little more about her character, as she is into high fashion and murder, and she views the two much in the same light as in class she reads a magazine called Cosmokiller and relates methods of killing to calories killed in the process, in a funny scene. When asked who she is talking to by a professor, she states the camera which throws the teacher for a loop. This leads to her next victims as she disposes of this teacher while he is practicing some extracurricular activities with a female student after class.
during this scene the female victim manages to escape and she runs into a cave used as a place for prayer in which Barbara had been storing some victims and she is caught and killed in another funny scene. where Barbara talks off a blade being so old fashioned and how fashion trends sem to always reoccur.
After offing the two, Barbara receives a phone call from Tomas asking her on a date and she at first plans on killing him but she gets turned on by his occupation and decides to give him a chance.Barbara immediately makes the moves on Tomas but they are interrupted in the heat of the moment by his roommate. This leads to a scene where afterwards Alex prank calls Barbara in the fashion of Scream , claiming to be the campus killer and asks her a question about Silence of the Lambs. She does not take her horror lightly and shows up at Alex's lab and kills him.

 One night on a dinner date she see's a woman wearing a dress she was going to wear and this pisses Barbara off, So she off's her in the restroom and steals the dress. Upon return she tells Tomas what she did and he laughs it off, she tells Tomas that he should get a tuxedo from a man in the restaurant , He convinces the man to give him the suit and lies about killing the man thinking it is all part of a joke.
The following day Tomas goes to work to find his friend Alex dead , SO he offers his new technology in order to help find the killer. He tells the investigator to provide him with a fresh victim he can hook to his machine to see the killers face moments before the incident took place through the victims eyes. The investigator shows up at Barbara's door asking about the murders and she admits to being the killer which again is laughed off, she invites the officer in to her place and he is taken out as well. Tomas is provided with his corpse and the experiments begin.
While the Corpse is hooked to the machine it cuts off visual just before revealing Barbara's face, but then things get weird. The corpse seems to have reanimated and he demands that Tomas revives all of the victims in hopes of finding who is responsible. After being forced into this at gun point Tomas does as demanded and he realizes quickly that once the brain dies again the corpses become flesh eating zombies. The zombies start attacking and they head for the Party on campus. At this point Barbara's narration ends and she decides to let her victim she has been talking to go until he offends her so she blows up his car with him attached to it and heads to the costume ball.

Tomas rushes to the ball to save Barbara from the Zombie army and upon arrival we get into bloodbath territory as the two fend off the undead in attempt to escape. Her true colors are finally revealed to Tomas as she feeds a girl to the zombies just for being annoying and he realizes she was not lying about being the killer the whole time. After an argument he decides he still loves her and the two fight there way through the walls of undead victims to escape. Once outside , Barbara afraid of leading a normal life with Tomas she turns on him in a twist of sorts but she does show some remorse as the closing credits begin to roll.
I cannot stress how entertaining this film is I mean it has nods to several horror films and genres all wrapped up with a comedy twist, The film has shades of American Psycho with the fourth wall breaking dialog from the killer , Nods to several zombies comedies like Dead Alive and Evil Dead , Pokes fun at the Scream series and slashers in general and even hits some Re-Animator in the process on top of all that it has the fast paced humor and goofiness of a Legally Blonde or house bunny style comedy. This film is truly original and ground breaking and is similar to J-Horror slapstick with a Spanish flavor. The Character of Barbara is adorable and it is hard not t love her even though she s ruthless and heartless all the way to the films closing moments. The strange breakaways into he mind such as the Cosmokiller article in her head about a serial killers diet, to explaining the necessities for killing in the home are hilarious . The film is all bright and colorful and you don't expect it to get as grim as it does at times but it is all done light heartedly. There is not a boring moment and I really think this film would be a nice addition to a film night along films like Man Bites Dog Tokyo Gore Police or even Behind the Mask: Legend of Leslie Vernon with it's approach to the killer as the main character and focusing so much on her personality. Macarena Gomez is incredibly cute and cast perfectly in the role of Barbara and it makes me want to see more of her abilities in other films, She really makes this character her own from mannerisms to expressions she is just perfect in this film. On top of all the comedy , The gore  and zombie make up are really well done in this one and the dialog is truly well written making everyone in the film likable and that is not something that happens too often these days. Definitely check this one out at all costs you will not be disappointed.
Gore:8 (You got Slashing horror and Zombie flesh munching what more could you ask for?)
Nudity:4 ( Not much except for the opening locker room scene, but lack of nudity does not hurt this one surprisingly)
Story:8 (Truly original and all over the place in a good way)
Characters:9 ( A movie where the killer is lovable , and the rest all serve their purpose nicely)
Overall: 8.5 out of 10 ( This one has a bit of everything under the sun as far as horror is concerned, And it is funny too. Truly something new and that is always a good thing these days)

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