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The Human Tornado

Dolemite 2 : The Human Tornado (1976)
Dir: Cliff Roquemore (Petey Wheatstraw/Rude)
Starring: Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite) Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters/Octagon/The Crow)

Since I am so anxious for February to come I decided to Break into the Blaxploitation genre early to get my fix to tide me over until Black History Month, And what better way to do so than with a Dolemite film, Although this is probably my least favorite of the Rudy Ray Moore series. I present to you My review of The Human Tornado:Dolemite 2. The film opens with a old lady alerting the police that they see some black people partying (Oh No!) , So of course the Sheriff makes the scene immediately and unfortunately for him he finds his wife getting screwed by Dolemite himself. Upon this discovery he orders his deputy to kill them both. The officer opens fire killing the sheriff's wife allowing Dolemite to return fire and  narrowly escape unscathed.
After this run in with the law Dolemite and his friends make their way to California where they think pastures will be greener. Sadly they are not as they find that Dolemites old friend Queen Bee's nightclub has been taken over by Joe Cavaletti's Mob and her girls are forced to now work for him.
Cavaletti kidnaps two of Bee's main girls and is holding them hostage , torturing them in a hidden lair and it is up to Dolemite and his Kung- Fu skills to save the day. Dolemite goes undercover to cavalettis' home and after finding that the mobsters wife has a fetish for black men he seduces...Screws the needed information out of her breaking the room in the process with his super human pelvic thrusts.
Meanwhile The sheriff arrives in town looking for Dolemite and he alerts a detective that is staking out Cavaletti a that he must find Dolemite for killing an officer of the law.As the Cops are on his tail Dolemite prepares to crash a party at Cavaletti's to save the girls and we are treated to the traditional Dolemite Kung fu fighting scenes as he single handedly fights off an entire mob on his way to the boss. Funny thing about these scenes is that they are all sped up in order to cover up for Rudy ray Moore's lack of fight choreography and in all of his movies he never once seems to get hit no matter how many people outnumber him.
As Dolemite kicks his way to the hidden lair , the girls are being tortured with one having a grenade placed between her knees so if she drops it they will blow up and another has a bed of nails being lowered on to her. Of course Dolemite makes it just in the knick of time to make the save and now he has some back up in the form of his Kung- Fu fighting strippers. Dolemites friends show up disguised as catering to crash Cavaletti's party and the bad fight scene continue taking up almost 2/3rds of the entire film.
After several minutes of the worst Martial arts sequences you will ever see ,

 Dolemite finally catches up with Caveletti and he takes him to some kind of Voodoo house where Dolemite feeds the mobster to hungry rats.
The vengeful sheriff now hot on Dolemites trail meets up with our hero and the two have a shoot out with the sheriff surprisingly getting the upper hand. Then after taking  a few shots Dolemite fakes his own death and thats how the film ends abruptly enough.
Now, Let me explain this for those of you who are not familiar with the films of Rudy Ray Moore, None of his films are good at all. they mostly fall into the so bad, their good category. But that withstanding Human Tornado is in my opinion the weakest of all his films. It was just a way to capitalize on the popularity of the Dolemite character made famous in his stand up routine. This film does have it's moments and Moore's comic skills do manage to show through even in this film but the entire film just seems like it was just kind of thrown together with no real thought at all. there is really nothing that stands out about this film and normally after watching a Rudy Ray Moore film there is always one or two things that really make the film awesome in their own odd ways.Don't get me wrong , I do still like this film and I absolutely love The comedy of Rudy Ray Moore but this one I think focussed to heavily on the martial arts aspect instead  of the comedy which hurts the film in the end.

Not much to say other than that and I am literally falling asleep at my I am off to bed. Not my best work here my apologies.

Overall:5.5 out of 10

bonus boob shot.

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