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Nude Nuns with Big Guns

Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)
Dir:Joseph Guzman (Run Bitch Run/Chingaso the Clown)

In the tradition of Rape/Revenge exploitation films such as Ms. 45 and to a lesser degree I spit on your grave comes this fresh take on the genre. Although this film could also be looked at as a Nunsploitation film as well given the Nuns obviously and strong Catholic imagery throughout the film.
    The Catholic Church is working along side a local Motorcycle gang Los Muertos in doing drug exchanges, Using the church as a front for the operation and keeping The Nuns inside drugged in order to use them as slaves and mules for their cause. the film opens with a bus load of Nuns and Father Bernardo as they meet The Muertos in the dessert for a transaction, everything seems to be going according to plan until The gang leader Chavo finds one of the cases is short. At this point Chavo interrogates the Nuns inside the bus , After killing one to send a message One of the Nuns tries to make an escape with the Cocaine and she is quickly offed as well. After the problem is disposed of Father Bernardo offer Chavo the last remaining Nun to take for his own to use however he feels as a token of appreciation for all his troubles.
Chavo takes Sister Sarah and decides to whore her out at his local Nightclub while keeping her doped up on heroin in order to keep her under his control.
One year later a fellow man of the cloth decides he wants to have a taste of the forbidden fruit and comes to cash  out for the services of the former Nun. During their encounter the Priest gets a little too physical smashing Sarah's face through a mirror and beating her ferociously when Chavo comes to the save for the man damaging his merchandise.
After the beating Sarah tells Chavo's aide and in house witch doctor that while she was out god had spoken to her  telling her to seek out revenge on those who have hurt her with no mercy, upon hearing this the man gives Sarah a Pistol in which she turns on him and says that she cannot even have mercy for those who have shown mercy to her and she opens fire, Starting her path of vengeance that follows.
After Sarah makes her escape from the nightclub/whorehouse another Nun Sister Angelina arrives at Carlito's  Church to confess to witnessing a attack on Carlito's drug den the night prior , in which Sarah took out Father Bernardo and several others in the process. Then telling Carlito that the Vigilante is out to get him.
Upon hearing this bit of news Father Carlito alerts the padre who then relays the message to the Los Muertos gang in order to get their army ready for the coming Holy war. At this point we meet more of the gang and get to see that these guys are just pure scumbags in the greatest sense of the word as they rape a woman to death in front of her husband and young daughter just for fun at their auto repair shop as the family checks in to have some car repairs done. Chavo's Main henchman is a large Black man named Kickstand who is called on several times during the film to rape victims for different reasons , such as a method of interrogation.After the attack on the family The Los Muertos begin to investigate who the vigilante is.
Shortly after the first call to the gang father Carlito is killed in his own confessional as Sarah pays him a visit but she is wounded in the process. After being shot Sarah heads to a nearby Hotel owned by one of the gangs contacts.

 Meanwhile Chavo and his boys go to Mother Magda's church to find info on the Killings and after a rape interrogation of a elderly Nun , they are notified that the Vigilante is in fact a Nun.with this bit of info narrowing down the search , Chavo finds there is a Nun working at one of his clubs, but this leads nowhere as it is a drugged Angelina. Eventually the gang learns of the Nun at Butch's place and they make their way to the hotel.

While Sarah is there the Muertos are told to speed up the process and gather the troops as they are  alerted to the mysterious Nun taking refuge in the Hotel. The hotel owner Butch tries to help by taking Sarah captive but her lesbian tendencies get the best of her as Sarah seduces Butch and eventually puts a bullet in her brain as well.
Chavo and the Los Muertos show up too late as Sarah had already made her way back to her place to suit up and arm herself for the coming final showdown.
After gathering her weaponry and ammo Sister Sarah heads back to the church to take out Mother Magda and after choking The Superior to death with a rosary , Sarah burns the church to the ground and heads to The Titty Flicker Nightclub to take out Los Muertos.

Back at the club Chavo has decided to try and rape some info out of Angelina as to who exactly this vigilante Nun is before Sarah appears with guns blazing, In a pretty epic shootout scene in which Sarah kills everyone in sight on her way to Chavo.
Finally Sarah makes it to Chavo and saves Angelina , Then this film provides one of the most brutal revenge killings seen in awhile as bot Angelina and Sarah open fire on Chavo laying the lead to some very specific target points.
At this point The Padre receives the news that his army is dead and , we see the Padre speaking to a lone hit man named Father John leaving a opening for a sequel....
Now for those of you who think I may have spoiled too much of this film in this review, trust me I have left allot of plot devices out. This film jumps back and forth between sub plots and Characters quite a bit leaving allot more to check out then just the main story, so with that said did I mention this film is filled with Boobs?
Well it is.......
Now with that out of the way, This film is much close to the Grindhouse style film than most of the similarly styled films out there , Quentin Tarrantino's Grind House included. this film is Exploitation cinema in it's purest form, Taking notes and pointers from films like Ms.45, Thriller: They Call her one eye and Bikersploitation films as well. I really enjoyed this movie and for anyone out there that enjoys exploitation cinema will truly love this film. It is a pretty offensive film but it never fails to be entertaining. Some of the acting is awful but that is to be expected with this kind of film. The set pieces and characters seem like they came right out of the 70's era and the writing only solidifies this point. the bikers in this film are genuinely despicable and you really want to see them get the vengeance that is coming to them, And after awhile you truly do feel for Sister Sarah and Angelina as they are put through such heinous shit throughout you really want to see them defeat the bad guys. I would love to see a continuation of this story and I think a sequel would be just as fun too watch. I had read nothing but reviews trashing this film and I can't see why after viewing it, if anything this movie makes me want to check out the directors other works as I see that his film Run Bitch Run ! is also a film of similar nature as he once again takes on the Rape revenge genre in a throwback style.You can truly tell that this guy knows his exploitation and I think that is always important to know and love the type of film you set out to make.

Gore:7 ( most is shown so fast it is hard to catch, but done well for the most part)
Nudity:10 ( almost always a pair of breasts somewhere in the frame)
Characters:6 (the bad guys are real scumbags but, some come off as cheesy)
Story:6 (with the exception of the Catholic church involvement , not much new for the genre)
Overall: 7 out of 10

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