Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (1987)
Dir: Ken Dixon (Zombiethon)
Starring: Elizabeth Kaitan (Assault of the Killer Bimbos/Vice Academy 3-6)
Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre/Nightmare Sisters/Scream Queen Hot Tub Party)

So after a week off from reviews I return with this stinker. Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is really kind of a bore. Daria and Tisa escape from imprisonment on a unnamed planet and make their way through the galaxy upon a space ship until they are pulled into the atmosphere of a nearby planet and they crash land.

 Upon arrival Daria finds a Palace where she is greeted by Zed , The owner/leader of the planet and he reunites Daria with her friend Tisa whom she thought did not survive the crash. Zed tells the girls to get dressed and provides them with some new clothes and that they are to meet in the dining room to have a meal with his other guests. The other guests happen to be Shela and her brother Rick who also happened to crash onto Zed's Planet. At first Zed seems like a warm inviting person until during dinner the conversation turns to his hobby of hunting. It seems Zed has a obsession with the thrill of the hunt and he gets great pleasure from killing his prey. After the meal Rick pulls Daria aside to let her know that he does not trust Zed because their fellow crash mates have been turning up missing since they arrived on the planet and he believes Zed is behind this.
That night Rick comes down from his room and meets up with Tisa and Daria after his sister went missing, at this point the gang decides to do some investigating, when they are nearly caught by Zed returning from his nightly hunt. Rick and Daria decide to make their way into the jungle to look for means of escape and to find Shela while Tisa stays behind at the palace.During The outing we find that Shela has been taken captive and that Zed plans to defile her in order to make Rick vengeful enough to make his hunt interesting.His plan is to hunt and kill all of his guests.
While Daria and Rick are out Zed sends his droids to inspect the palace and make sure everyone is where they should be , and when one of the droids is heading for the rooms Tisa runs some interference asking for someone to accompany her as she goes for a swim. This allows Rick and Daria enough time to sneak back in unseen and they pretend to be having sex in order to play off just sneaking back into the Palace. Zed is jealous of this and decides to unveil his plans to Rick. Zed allows Rick a head start and the hunt begins, Although Rick does not last long and is gunned down.
Following the initial hunt, the girls are drugged and when they awake they are all tied up in Zed's trophy room where Ricks head is on display for the girls including Rick's sister to see. He tells the girls that his next game will be to hunt them as he finds women more difficult to track as they are the smarter sex. As usual he gives them a head start and this time provides a map to a temple where the girls can find some weapons. The chase begins and after Shela is gunned down, Tisa and Daria make it ti the temple.
While inside the girls come across some more challenges in some zombies and a laser toting mutant , They fight the creatures off with ease and manage to arm themselves. The girls head back to Zed's palace to get their revenge when Tisa is nabbed before  they make it. While Zed attempts to have his way with Tisa , Daria makes the save now equipped in full She-Ra armor.
The girls fight off Zed and his droids when the Laser Mutant arrives and attacks Zed. After the girls take out the mutant, they make their way to an escape shuttle as Zed defeated and distraught sits in his throne and presses a destruct button as the girls fly off to freedom.
This film was not exactly what I expected. Now I am not one for Sci-Fi in general but the cover art to this film was to hard to pass up. I guess I was expecting a cinemax style 80's T&A fest flick judging by the casting and the cover, and I mean the name of the film as well. This film is not awful and it does have it's moments. Some of the dialog is pretty funny and the characters are likable, but the entire film plays out like any other low budget sci-fi flick and that is not my cup of tea. I was hoping for more Blood and guts and more boobs, so I was a bit let down. Thought if you are into sci-fi B-movies this one is pretty good in that aspect , just not my type of flick.With that said....Maybe I am being a bit hard on this flick, because I did enjoy it, It is a fun little watch I think I was just hoping to see more of the Main Girl Daria as she was stunning and it is always nice to see Brinke Stevens in a film where she is not playing the typical ditsy Co-ed . This movie is not going to go down as memorable or gonna be in any of my top ten lists but it does have charm, and that is more than most movies these days so it has that going for it.
Overall: 4 out of 10

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