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Assault of the Party Nerds 2 : The Heavy Petting Detective

Assault of the Party Nerds 2 : The Heavy petting Detective (1995)
Dir: Richard Gabai (Assault of the Party Nerds/ Virtual Girl 1&2)
Starring: Richard Gabai , Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Rhonda Shear ( USA's Up All Night)

This movie is a altogether mess and waste of film. The only redeeming quality of the first Party Nerds film was the nudity in hopes of  grabbing the attention of underage kids trying to see some boobs, And the casting of two pretty well known Scream Queens to provide said Boobs. This film follows the trend , still having the horror icons involved and even adds the popular host of USA's Up all night series Rhonda Shear, But the nudity is toned down in exchange for a more story driven film and this approach does not work at all.
Most of the main characters return in this sequel and we catch up with Ritchie 5 years after graduation as he is now a private detective.
After this tidbit , we get to meet the new class of Lambda's Lamer than the last and we also catch up with Muffin and Bud who are now married and Bambi who owns her own nail/hair salon and is on the hunt for a rich man to marry. Bambi (Linnea Quigley) provides the films only saving moments for the most part and she also is called upon to provide the film with most of the films nudity.This film is hindered by trying to fit in too many characters and story arcs to follow , while there are two main plots to follow as is . By trying to do this , it makes t hard to get invested in any of it as the film constantly flashes back and forth through stories and makes the viewer really not care about any of it. Bud is planning to get Muffin to sign over her fathers real estate firm over to him and Ritchie is put on the case by Muffin's father, Meanwhile Ritchie is also called upon by the Lambda's head chief to help once again throw a party for the frat in order to get more members so they do not loose the house to the Zeta's. Of course this leads to Bud and Chip reuniting to get revenge and stop Ritchie from succeeding. Once again the film is filled with lame homosexual jokes as they play off Bud and Chip being gay lovers and in one scene Ritchie visits Chip's gym in drag in which of course Chip is turned on by this.
As I stated before to me the only funny moments were when Bambi was on her hunt for a successful man and she has a few scenes where she is shown accounting and even reading a stock newspaper while having sex with potential suitors.
As the main story progresses Muffin starts to question Bud's intentions and this leads to her calling him gay and of course he has to prove he is not so he springs into action and the two have sex in a scene almost identical to their scene in the first film.
while all this is going on some side stories develop as , Ritchie's new girlfriend works at a Law firm for cruel and demanding boss which leads nowhere. We catch up with Ritchie's friend T.K. who is getting married and they throw a bachelor party inviting the Lambda's  to educate them in how to party. And  we witness Muffin and Bambi's friendship deteriorate in favor for  Muffin's new friend Tina (Rhonda Shear). Oh and Wola from the first film is a radio d.j. in Budapest...

In order to speed this through, Basically the obvious happens and with little to no climax. Bud's plan is foiled and he shows up at the reunion party to get revenge but again is backed off by the embarrassing nature of his closeted gayness.when Ritchie show him a video of Bud and Chip together in bed and once they leave everyone is happy and the party goes on without a problem. Muffin meets a new man and everyone lives happily ever after to hopefully never be seen again.
Let me just say this, I do have a soft spot for movies of this nature. I grew up watching late night cable in hopes to see some nudity and most of the time it was worth it because the films had some sort of charm about them but, This movie and it's predecessor are just utter trash. Boring and un funny. They are for the most part blatant rip offs of other more successful films in order to cash in on the popularity of such and the jokes all fall flat.I am surprised that they were able to get Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley for  both of these films and that says allot since they pretty much would do any film offered during this time.This film and series in fact are not worth watching at all and I feel like I have wasted my life for sitting through them. This is not the worst film I have ever seen but it is just pointless and boring, I cannot stress that enough. If you want a trip down memory lane and have a craving for a old fashioned sex comedy stay away from this one and hunt down bikini car wash or something. It may be harder to find but the time wasted tracking those down would be greater spent than watching any of these films.
Nudity:5 (Not enough to make this worth sitting through)
Story:2(Lame as Lame can get)
Characters:2 ( Read Above)
Overall:2 out of 10

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