Sunday, October 30, 2011

Site updates and news for month of November

Hello folks out there, Once again I would like to sincerely thank all the readers for helping my site reach 25,000 views and starting to gain some sort of recognition among horror fans out there. As October comes to a close I will have at least one more Rare horror flick to review before I start on my November project. In November I have decided to branch out and tackle a genre I have not really reviewed at all since starting this site. When I began this site I planned on strictly focusing on horror and gore flicks but as I got more into the reviews and looked deeper into my extensive collection of films i decided to expand into other genres such as Exploitation (Naziploitation/Blazploitation/Women in Prison/Etc.) and then moved on to more favorite genres from my childhood like the Skinemax films and 80's sex romps along with films like those of Russ Meyer and the likes just to up the T&A quota on the site. Now as November approaches I have decided to devote the month to yet another genre I hold dear to my heart , especially as a child. Being someone who grew up watching Kung-Fu Theater every Friday night at 1 in the morning , I was a huge fan of martial arts films. Looking back at my fond memories of those times I don't know why I have never reviewed any Martial Arts films on this site. So now is the time for me to do so. I hope you guys enjoy Novembers upcoming reviews as I am going to hunting down some rare and odd ones in the coming days in order to provide some entertaining material for fans of the genre and fans of my site as well.
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