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Girly A.K.A. Mumsy,Nanny,Sonny and Girly (1970)

Dir:Freddie Francis ( Trog/Tales From The Crypt/Son of Dracula/Craze)

    Well I hate to say it again because I have stated before that I do not believe that gore makes a horror flick, However if there was ever a movie that would truly benefit greatly from a higher body count and quantity of gore I would have to say this would be that film, I will express why after the synopsis.
                 Girly is truly a interesting flick which focuses on a small family living in a huge house secluded in the U.K. somewhere. Right from the beginning we realize that this is no normal family, As it consists of Mumsy, Nanny and Two grown "kids" Sonny and Girly who act and dress like young children. Mumsy and Nanny are home discussing the kids while Sonny and Girly are out at the zoo before it is open to the public and are hunting for some new "Friends" to take home for Mumsy. The siblings come across a homeless man in which Girly manages to seduce in a truly creepy fashion as she acts like a very young girl with advanced sexual behavior to coax the homeless man back to their house. Upon arrival the family feeds him and then play childish games with him before killing him off screen.Mumsy not satisfied with this find, the children are once again sent out and this time they stumble upon a couple leaving a bar. The two join the kids and go to the park where Girly appears to be jealous of the mans girlfriend and when she resists to play with them the man accidentally pushes her off the top of a slide killing her.Girly takes the man and the dead girlfriend back to the house where he passes out. The following morning while recovering from a vicious hangover he realizes what has happened and is confused as to where he is and why? While the family treats him to breakfast "New Friend" is told that he will be staying there now and will be there playmate or they will tell the authorities what he had done with his date.The kids proceed to play little pranks on New friend until he has enough when they put his girlfriends corpse into his bed, At this point he tries to escape realizing he is dealing with some truly sick people.

Unfortunately for him he is caught and the family places him in court. He is punished for not following the rules of their game and he is told that if he does not play along he will be sent to the angels.He lucks out because apparently Mumsy appears to be taking a liking to Friend and she takes him to bed, which makes Girly jealous because she seems to be taking a shine to him as well. The pranks continue and Friend begins to play along and he starts to get along with the odd family . As he begins playing along with the kids and the like. One day Sonny , Girly and Friend are playing cowboys and Indians and Friend manages to seduce Girly . After the two have sex Girly starts acting strange and does not want to share with Mumsy. Friend finds a way to pit the family against each other as he realizes Nanny is getting left out on the loving. While Friend begins playing mind games with the family using his sex against them since there is no other man around the ladies he finds he is not the only prisoner in the house as there is another man in room number 5 who is awaiting trial for not following rules for the second time. The family is preparing to execute him in a game they call Humpty Dumpty. The court takes place and the man is sentenced to death when he is given a 10 second head start to get away as Sonny chases him down and shoots him to death with his bow and arrow.

After the execution the family sits down too watch the film of the man being killed when Friend sneaks off with Girly and tries to convince her to run away with him and get away from her crazy family.Meanwhile the Nanny tries to stress to Mumsy that it is against the rules to fall for the playmates and Mumsy sights her jealousy as reason for calling her out. At the same time Sonny is noticing Friend pitting them against each other and feels he needs to kill friend. This upsets Girly and she kills Sonny.At this point things begin falling apart quickly as the family begins turning on one another until nanny is offed by Girly and Mumsy and girly decide they will share Friends services by splitting his duties throughout the week.

Sadly my review cannot do this film justice as most of the brilliance of the film is in the dialog and the characters played in the film. The family comes off as genuinely creepy and disturbing. Now as I said this film really could have benefited from a little gore on screen as nearly every kill is off screen and there is literally no blood in the entire movie. As a horror film it does deliver and the story was quite original and I believe it could have been a true classic if it had just upped the ante a little bit in that department. If you are a gore hound like myself but cannot get into films that are more character driven you may find this one boring but I truly enjoyed it as everyone in the film did a excellent job portraying their characters. If you enjoy more psychological thriller type films than this one is up your alley although it never quite takes itself that serious. I really had a good time watching this film right from it's opening scene and it kept my attention throughout. I just wish it had a bit more of an exploitation feel to it and It would easily make it into a list of my favorite odd films, because it son't get much more odd than this family. I highly recommend watching this one, it is really a fun ride if you can get past the lack of gore and nudity, Cause damn I really wanted to see girly naked and they teased it the entire film and never quite give that to the viewer other than a slight boob as she is getting dressed but these hings are really just nitpicking. Truly this was an original film and worth tracking down.

Fun Factor:6
Overall:6 out of 10

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