Sunday, October 9, 2011

21,000 views and update for October

First I would like to once again thank all the readers for helping the site continue to grow as each month the views have been on a upswing and the site just hit over 21,000 views, this really makes me happy. Now onto some site news, As some of the readers may have noticed I am devoting October to some of the more rare and strange Horror flicks of the 70's and 80's , as I noticed I have kind of drifted away from what the site began as in the last few months with the addition of doing more 80's sex romps and stuff other than horror. So I have decided to stick to strictly Horror and Gore for October. I hope you guys enjoy the films I have selected so far as I am struggling to find as many rare titles as I can with such a limited income. I have a list of a few more I have in mind in the coming days just based on what i have in my current collection. Also in October I will be continuing my Women of Exploitation cinema tributes , with a few of the more well known Scream Queens of  the 80's starting with quite possibly the most famous of all Linnea Quigley  as well as Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer if I can get around to it. Thanks again for the support and please continue to check back and see whats going on here.

Also I would like to thank a favorite video reviewer of mine Moronic Mark from youtube for checking out my site and giving me some props. That really means allot to me as I one day hope to turn this site into a video review blog site as soon as I can get my money right and get a camera. Please people if you have not already check out Marks Youtube reviews Satan's Screener. He is a funny guy and really pulls some rare flicks out for his reviews. So again Thanks mark it means allot that you took the time to check out my site.

                     Thanks and please keep coming back,
                                                            Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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