Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evil Ed

Evil Ed (1995)

Dir:Anders Jacobson (Insane)

Well folks, Halloween season is upon us and I have decided to take this site back to what started it all, Crappy , Odd and rare horror flicks. This month I will be devoting the site to some of the weirdest, and rarest I can find. Now tonight's movie is one that I recall seeing in video stores quite a bit when I was a young teen, But I never checked out because the cover just looked too goofy for my gore hound heart to give a chance. In some ways i am glad I hadn't seen this film until now, Because I think as a youngster allot of the in jokes and references would have been lost on me and it sadly does not have the gore I would have desired at the time to keep me interested. Seeing it now as I am older i appreciate what the film makers were going for here and the film does deliver on some points. I will get to my thoughts later, Now for the story.
              The film opens with a man gone mad while editing some film, He ends up blowing his head off with a grenade when his boss Sam Campbell (Evil Dead Reference?Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell) arrives to fire him.
Moments later we meet our films main attraction Edward, a kind hearted man working on film editing who is promoted to Sam's office, the gore and splatter division. He is given the duty of editing his popular Loose Limbs series for overseas distribution. Ed is sent to a remote house where he is provided several of the films to chop down to theater standards.Quickly he is sickened by the material in the movies like the gore and one particular scene we don't get to see involving a beaver rape scene. After Ed gets through a few of the films he begins seeing things as the films are getting to him and he hallucinates , seeing things such as a severed arm while he is cutting bread and some other strange things. After the work starts getting the best of him Ed requests his old job back but is denied and he is threatened with termination if the series does not get it's editing done. Sam sends his lackey Nick to deliver more films and we see that Ed is completely starting to loose it.

         Ed has a dream where he sees a man living in an asylum who tells ed it is his job to cleanse the world of the evil's he has been watching and tells Ed to kill. After awaking from the nightmare The hallucinations continue as Ed see's his elderly neighbor as a buxom blonde and later he is awaken by some noises from inside the house. Ed then finds a strange creature living in his refrigerator , with a bad attitude. Now completely paranoid Ed begins boarding up the doors to the house just as Sam arrives to check on his progress, When Sam scolds Ed for cutting too much from the films , especially his prized Beaver rape scene,  Ed witnesses Sam turn into a demon that chases him through the house into some strange caves. Ed ends up breaking Sam's neck and when he realizes what he has done he gleefully chops Sam's body into pieces and disposes of them in the garbage.Later Nick returns with more films and this time ed appears way too happy to have them. He invites Nick inside for coffee where Nick realizes Ed has lost his mind. Ed then proceeds to beat nick and leaves him for dead when he hears noises as some goons attempt to break into the house.Ed then fights off the goons and during the fight Ed receives a phone call from his wife to remind him of their daughters birthday. His wife gets alarmed when she hears the phone break as he beats one of the goons over the head with it. Nick manages to escape and alert the authorities as Ed's family arrives at the house only to find him mad and a short game of cat and mouse takes place until Ed's daughter manages to shoot Ed, snapping him back into reality.

Ed is then taken to a hospital to tend to his wounds and is sedated so the doctors can perform surgery on him. When Ed comes back to consciousness he see's one of the nurses turn into a demon and he ends up killing the staff and trying to escape. This is when the swat shows up and we get a huge chase through the hospital as Ed is trying to capture Nick and his girlfriend while evading the officers. Ed finally does manage to capture Nics Girlfriend and when he kills her the voice that told him to cleanse the world calls him a failure just as Nick arrives with shotgun in tow to deliver a corny punchline and blow Ed's skull to pieces.

Right from the opening scenes it is apparent that this film is a parody/homage to some of the more popular franchises during the time, taking allot from slasher films and especially Evil Dead as not only do you see Evil dead posters all over the film but the Sam Campbell name and the demons looking strikingly like the Monsters from Evil Dead as well as using the famous point of view cam during some chase scenes. Evil Ed honestly is a fun movie but it has it's flaws, I felt it could have benefited from showing more of the Loose Limbs (Film inside a film) footage and the lighting towards the end of the film is at times is way too dark making it hard to tell what is going on. Also as I have stated before some films would benefit from more gore and that is the case here, as the film in whole comes off much like the early works of Peter Jackson i.e. Bad Taste and Dead Alive and if they would have incorporated more gore in with the jokes and running gags this film could have easily been right up there with the cult following those films have garnered through the years. There were allot of moments that slowed this film down to a crawl and with just a bit more focus on the gore and making light of the genre could have kept this film interesting all the way through. If you like films like Dead Alive, Evil dead and some other horror / comedy films on the more graphic side you should find something to like in this film however as I stated just a bit more gore and perhaps some gratuitous nudity thrown in could have boosted this film too classic easily for sure. Plus I really wanted to see some of these women nude, Yeah it's perverted , but man every women in this film had an amazing ass, Must be something in the water in Sweden I guess. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of horror because as s spoof it does it's job lovingly and you can tell the film makers enjoy the source material they are making fun of. If you can find it watch it , overall it's a fun film with flaws but what film doesn't have flaws?

Fun Factor: 6
Overall: 6 out of 10

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