Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a Small Update

After watching the last few films I have reviewed , I have decided to do a bit of renovating to my ratings system.
I will still continue with the standard categories of Gore,Nudity,Story and Characters but, I will be adding one more to the mix. That being Fun Factor, This will determine how much fun I had watching the film and if that made the film worth watching. If a film is downright boring of course it will score low but if a movie that may not necessarily be good but had it's moments that made it entertaining and kept me glued to the screen the the score will obviously be higher. I decided to add this because certain films may lack gore or nudity or something else but were funny or had something endearing about it that made me enjoy the film in other ways so that will all be scored now in the Fun factor bracket.

 Nothing mind blowing here guys just thought I would add that little tid bit.

By the way I wanna thank all you guys for checking out my site as we approach 20,000 views quickly now and I think I am gonna do a film that I thought I had already  reviewed here but I haven't and it is a film I thoroughly enjoy and if I ad noticed I had not gotten to it yet it most certainly would have been my 200th review, so once I hot the 20,000 mark I will be dusting off an old favorite of mine to post on here. I will not reveal what it is yet but trust me it is a true hidden gem and a film i think everyone should see.

                                                               Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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