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The Big 3 A.K.A. The Nightmare Sisters

During the 1980's to early 90's when Horror films were flooding video stores everywhere the term "Scream Queen" became more popular than it ever had been and there were no other names as prevalent as "The Big 3" I am referring of course to Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. All three women were beautiful in their own distinct way. You had Quigley the bubbly blonde , Brinke Stevens the "Nerdy" girl next door and Michelle Bauer the busty Brunette vixen rounding them all off. The three became friends by running into each other at several auditions and with time started to suggest one another parts so that they could work together more often. Some awesome films they all appeared together in would be Nightmare Sisters, Sorority Girls in the Slime ball Bowl-O Rama but, this does not limit the times more than one of these beauties would be featured in a film together. Assault of the Party Nerds 1-2,Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers,and Jack-O featured more than one of the 3 in their films. These women took over the Horror Genre by storm and I doubt there will ever be a squad of beauties even close to these ladies in Horror/ B-cinema anytime in the future. With the dying of the genre and everything becoming rehashes of former classics it is sad to see actresses like these disappear from the scene. Here is my tribute to the Loveliest ladies of the Video Rental era of Horror.

Linnea Quigley

Linnea Quigley is easily the most recognizable of the bunch being fetured in some of the more famous or well known films of the bunch. Born on May 27th 1958 Quigley got her start in film by being cast in some low budget slasher flicks such as Don't go Near the Park and Graduation Day. But finally really got noticed when being featured in the controversial Holiday Slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night. After that film she was cast in her most famous and biggest role as Trash, The punk rock zombie in Return of the Living Dead.
Following the success of that film , the roles started coming in spades. Quigley then got another career making role in Night of the Demons notorious for her famous Lipstick scene, If you have seen the film you know what I am talking about. In interviews Quigley is noted to be an avid Horror fan and sights her role in Return of the Living Dead as her favorite albeit hardest part to play. Having issues with the make up as well as some of the extras on the set being pigs. Although she is quite famous for being nude on film she as never been a fan of stripping for the cameras but being a master of her craft she did it for the benefit of the film.
Some more notable appearances by Quigley would be her part in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers where she got to act along side one of her favorite horror actors Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface). The film is well known for the dance of the chainsaws where she performed a long dance routine while controlling actual chainsaws in the process.  Other films you may wanna check out featuring Quigley would be, Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama,Nightmare Sisters,Nightmare on Elm St 4, Savage Streets,Pumpkinhead 2,Beach Babes from Beyond and the cheese tastic Assault of the Party Nerds series.Quigley will be a hard act to follow in the genre bringing the Bubbly Blonde to the genre like no other and although quite tiny in frame had one of the nicest butts in cinema in a time when Butts where not what they are today.Quigley still pops up now and again in horror films, most recently having a cameo in the Night of the Demons remake dawning the same dress she wore in the original. Long live the Goldie Hawn of Horror cinema, Miss Linnea Quigley

Brinke Stevens

Speaking of great asses in horror of the video era, one would have to mention the lovely Brinke Stevens. The runner up for leader of the pack. Brinke born sept.20th 1954 got her start in horror on accident when she was looking for a science job in Los Angeles  Also a self proclaimed horror junkie , she sights the Evil Dead Trilogy and more recently Japanese Horror cinema as her favorites. Brinke's biggest role would probably have to be that of her part in the slasher classic Slumber party massacre.Brinke however did manage to get some small roles in some mainstream movies though , being featured in This is Spinal Tap and The Three Amigos. However mostly she stuck to the video era Horror and B films. She became great friends with Linnea and Michelle and would try to fight for her "sisters" to work with er as well as the others.Brinke was known for her petite frame and probably the nicest rump anywhere during that time, still to this day it is amazing even by the blown up standards of women's Glutes today. Normally dawning her thick glasses and playing the nerdy girl role she had a presence that was undeniable when on screen. Some movies to look out for her in are.Slumber Party Massacre,Private School, Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama, and Slave girls from beyond.

Michelle Bauer

Ah yes the woman I have spent endless nights as a child dreaming about, Out of the three she is by far the lesser known for her work in the genre but for some reason she always stood out to me. After watching her in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers as a child ,she has always had a soft spot in my heart just for her.Born Oct.1st 1958 Michelle had a bit of a different start in the business. Starting her career in Porn under the name Pia Snow and she would be used as a double for the sex scenes in films like the Electric Blue series among others. After getting tired of the adult business she got started taking roles in softer core films like Tomboy,and Cavegirl. After Being seen in cult classic Roller Blade , Michelle began getting roles in some of the most awesome films of that time such as Reform School Girls and my favorite Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. Michelle was truly breathtaking and commanded the viewers attention with her beauty anytime she was on screen. She sadly was the lesser known but in my opinion was in more classic films than any other member of the 3. I cannot think of one film I have seen her in that I did not love, well other than The Assault of the Party Nerds series, but everything else was a home run in my eyes. I cannot wait to track down more of her films to share with you all as Michelle Bauer to me is the epitome of perfection and I really wish she would get some more recognition for her works. I know she still is doing film even at over 50 starring in several soft core skinemax type titles and she still manages to hold up in the looks department. It seems that all of the big 3 have aged tremendously well.That is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. Some notable films starring Michelle are. Tomboy,Roller Blade,Reform School Girls, Sorority Girls in the Slim Ball Bowl-O Rama,Nightmare Sisters,Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers,Assault of the Party Nerds series,Puppet Master 3,Bikini Drive in, Chick Boxer,Virgin High.

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to The Big 3 of video era Horror and B-cinema. As I said there will never be a squad even close to these beauties and it is awesome to see all of them still getting work today. All ave aged extremely well and I hope they continue to have success and build even bigger fan bases in the years too come. They just don't make them like they used to is the perfect statement when bringing up these 3 icons of the genre.

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