Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Apologies Now on to November

I am taking this short time to say sorry to my readers for the lack of a finale to the Halloween Rare horror month. As I became very ill towards the end of the month I just did not have the energy to take the time to post my final review for October which was for Hack-O-Lantern, Which I assure you guys was a real stinker. I will however take some time this month to get around to posting it. First though I will be kicking off "Kung-Fu Theater" Month , Devoting the month of November to classic martial Arts flicks of the past. I have collected a few I am really looking forward to revisiting and the first will be "Crippled Masters" followed by "The Flying Guillotine". I gathered some films I think you guys will truly enjoy this month trying to combine the gore and exploitation aspects along with the awesomeness that was the films I used to watch as a child on "Kung-Fu Theater" hosted by Master Tat Mau Wong. I am going to look into doing some research on the long running series as well in hopes of postponing my "Scream Queens" tributes in exchange for a short bio on the show and it's hosts and local affiliates that carried the show. I grew up with the San Francisco based version of the show with Master Wong but I know there were a few other version I am sure and I will be looking into them and trying to find some cool clips to post if possible. I hope you guys enjoy "Kung-Fu Theater  month as much as I enjoyed watching it as a child and again i am sorry for the lack of follow through for October, I just got a serious cold that seemed to not wanna go away and is still lingering with me after nearly three weeks of coughing up lovely lung butter.
                       Thanks for your support and understanding,
                                                                       Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest


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