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Dr.Sex (1964)

Dir: Ted V. Mikels (Astro-Zombies/The Corpse Grinders/10 Violent Women/Girl in Gold Boots)

From the Mind that brought you such classic films as The Corpse Grinders and The Astro-Zombies Ted.V Mikels comes this nice little nudie from the early 60's. Ted has gained a bit of a reputation for being somewhat of a sexist throughout the years and I never really understood why after all the other films i have seen of his featured little nudity at all and he always came off to me at least as a Ed Wood knock off of sorts. After watching this film I think I get why people would make such a claim but then again, I love Russ Meyer and I am sure many think the same about him. This films is basically a 60 strip tease show with a little bit of narration to pass it off as a Motion Picture  instead of a stag reel.

           The film open with Dr.Sex and his two assistants Dr.Lovejoy and Dr.Schmutz as they discuss strange sexual behaviors they have encountered in their years as Psychiatrists , in order to collect enough material to finish Dr.Sex's book on bizarre sexual behavior. The film then breaks off into short segments highlighting each doctors specific case in mind. The first is from Dr. Sex as we are told a story from a peeping Tom's point of view as he hides in a room and watches a woman prepare for a date with her boyfriend. This leads to a long strip tease segment as she disrobes and bathes before receiving a phone call and getting dressed to go out. Before the scene concludes we find out that the Tom was spotted but suspiciously the woman does not even flinch at the fact she is being watched, This may be because the story is in fact told from the mind of a dog,Yes a dog. A dog that wishes to become human, After the session the dog's owner arrives and it is the woman whom was being watched and suddenly now the Psychiatrist performing the session has the desire to become a dog. He apparently goes over the deep end at that point and begins acting like a dog just to see women naked?

Following that tale is Dr.Lovejoy explaining one of her patients who works as a window dresser at a department store. He seems to have a strange fascination with Mannequins as he believes they are real and he spends a little more time getting intimate with them than he probably should. This costs him his job as he gets caught undressing them after hours and when he explains his habits, his boss terminates him understandably. Dr.Lovejoy decides to take her treatment to extremes when she allows the patient to undress her and a mannequin in order to see the difference but this only seems to make things worse as he then begins seeing real people as mannequins too. Lovejoy explains she had never seen the patient again after that session but she did happen to see a Mannequin dressed exactly how he was the last time she saw him , leading us to believe the man became a Mannequin?

Next up is Dr.Sex's younger protege with a story he claims is probably to tame for the book as it involves an exhibitionist who decides to provide her nude form for artists to paint. One night while working with a progressive artist she is upset when she finds that he had painted a abstract which looked nothing like her and she feels under appreciated. So what does she do? Well she becomes a stripper of course , in order to gain the attention she so eagerly wants from men. This is the most tame story in the film, not saying the others are great by any means but at least they had some kind of strange twist to them. This entire segment is basically just an excuse to get a 15 minute strip show thrown into the film as if there was not enough nudity in the film already.

The final story focuses on a man who lived in a house that was haunted by the ghosts of three sexy nude women who seem to do household chores for him ( I get the sexist accusations at this point by the way). This after awhile drove the man mad as he begins having trouble telling the difference between real life and the super natural. Dr.Sex apparently went to the mans house and convinced him to sell it and after being mesmerized by the beauties , Dr.Sex decides to buy the house himself. At this point Dr.Sex tries to show Schmutz the lady specters and of course this leads Schmutz to believe Dr.Sex is mad. As Schmutz goes to call the health board to report Dr. Sex , Schmutz for some reason turns into a dog, While Sex ,Lovejoy and the three housekeeping ghosts have a party to end the film.

Let's be honest here, This film only served one purpose and that was to be a simple cheesecake film and in that aspect it succeeds greatly. The women in the film are all beautiful and they get nude for extended periods of time. There is no sex no story really and the only dialog throughout is either narration by the doctors telling the story or the doctors discussing the next story to come up. The sole purpose of this film was to put skin on the screen and for that I have to give them credit as they did succeed in that. As for the stories in the film , they are all beyond ridiculous and goofy but that kind of adds a certain charm to the whole thing. The film was put out by Something Weird Video and this type of film is kind of what they have built a company and a quite successful one at that on so good for them. If you are a fan of vintage stag reels and topless shows than this is right u your alley, This is basically much like a Russ Meyer film although Meyer at least attempted to put some acting as hack as it may have been in his films and his always were good for some off the wall stories, Plus I gotta say the quality of the girls in this film put against the Meyers' girls is no comparison. Although the women in this film are pretty , Russ seemed to have an eye for some real incredible women for his films that still to this day cannot be beat in the body department. Dr. Sex is a fun film if you can just check your brain at the door and enjoy it for what it is , A goofy film with lots of tits. If you go in expecting anything more than honestly you need a Psychiatrist because the film is called Dr.Sex for crying out loud, What else did you expect? I have t give it up to Something  Weird as they seem to find the most oddball films imaginable and I love them for that, although not all of them are as entertaining as this one. I will admit after seeing a few Ted V. Mikels films in the past and even reviewing a few here before, I was not expecting this kind of Cheesecake, but after hearing all the rants about him being a sexist pig and e not getting why? I totally understand now, I mean really you got a house full of nude woman ghosts and they are all doing chores? Wow, just wow.... Nice work Mikels.

Gore: N/A
Overall: 4 out of 10

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