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Surf Nazis Must Die!

Surf Nazis Must Die! (1987)
Dir: Peter George
Starring: Michael Sonye (Nightmare Sisters/Hollywood Chainsaw hookers/Sorority Girls in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama)

This is one of those films that I remember so fondly from my childhood , and thanks to my rekindled love for all things cheese I decided to dust this one off and check it to see if it still has the appeal it once has in my childhood.I have always had a soft spot for the films of Troma with the front runners of course being the Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke em' High series'  but pretty much anything with the Troma label attached to it I will give a chance and unfortunately for the most part they do not live up to my expectations but occasionally I will stumble upon a film by them that I truly do enjoy, Like Combat Shock, Troma's War, Sgt. Kabukiman, or the more recent Poultrygeist, with that said for every one of those "Classics" you will get an abundance of films like Buttcrack....Nuff said. Well with that said let's see if this one falls into the good or bad category.

 Sometime in the near future L.A. is ravaged by a massive earthquake which laves several people homeless and one of those folks is the sassy older lady Eleanor "Mama" Washington and her son takes her to livve in a near by nursing home. On the other side of town where her son Leroy works at the beach, we learn that the beach is being taken over by a gang of Surf Nazis who are planning to make the beach their own. At first The Nazis commit petty theft snatching purses and bullying folks off the beach in order to have the waters free to surf, until Their Leader Adolf decides to try and make a  pact between the rival gangs like the Ninja's and Pipe-liners in order to strengthen their numbers and expand their territory.

After the gangs come upon a agreement it is obvious to see that their are ulterior motives on the side of all the gangs but they go along. While Adolf's girl Eva goes to collect some cash from the local biker gang a small altercation ensues causing a stir but, Meanwhile on the beach Leroy catches a Nazi youth stealing a purse from an old lady and he decides to put a stop to this, when hook and Mengele show up and kill him for his good deed. Mrs.Washington is alerted to the murder of her son and she decides to set out for vengeance and heads out to stake out the beach front. Right away she overhears a Nazi youth Smeg bragging to some local beach bunnies about his friends killing a "Nigger", At this point Mrs. Washington springs into action and beats the kid and burns some of the Nazis modified boards.Washington then heads out to arm herself and purchases a gun and some grenades from a sketchy Pawn shop.
Assuming that the attack was played out by rival gang the Fashion Waves and set out to take them out. After the attack on the rival's The remaining gangs plot to take out the Nazis. First the Surf Ninjas try a sabotage and next the Pipe-liners show up and manage to take out a Nazi henchmen Brutus with some acid and after disposing of the Liners,Adolf finishes off his comrade for being useless to him. Shortly after all the gangs are taken out, The Nazi's are attacked via a grenade blowing up Mengele and somehow Adolf immediately knows that Mrs.Washington is responsible. After tracking her down at her house a chase ensues and leads them to the beach where Washington stalks the remaining Nazi's with a gun until Adolf and Eva steal some boards and head into the water. At this point Mama takes over a boat and looks to run them down.After a hilarious scene filled with Mrs.Washington mugging and looking tough she is successful in running the Nazi leaders down getting revenge for her lost son.
Well after watching this film after years of nearly forgetting it other than it's title. I must say there are a few things I still find endearing about it but there is allot going against this one as well. On the downside for a Troma film it is extremely low on gore as nearly every kill is shot off camera and that is a let down. On the upside all the typical neo punk characters Troma has made so popular are all in place and that is cool, but the one thing that stands out as truly awesome in this film is the role of Eleanor "Mama" Washington who is downright amazing and fun as hell to watch,Matter of fact I would love to see a Blaxploitation flick dedicated to this character as she is hilarious in the part of old lady vigilante. This flick is fun to watch but definitely not your standard Troma movie fans of such have grown to love.certainly one of the most tame in the Troma archive it still delivers the goods and with a runtime of only just over an hour it doesn't seem to drag at any point. I would have loved to see more of the Mama character though as she totally stole the show. Not really a high recommendation for this one although it may be a nice addition to a drunken movie night as you don't have to pay too close attention to this one since there is not much too miss , especially in the typical Troma Nudity and Gore categories. I will say that this one has wet my appetite to get on reviewing some moreTroma flicks as there is nothing quite like the feel of a Troma film out there.
Overall: 5.5 out of 10

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