Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small update 3/29/11 And Readers choice

SO I have finally found how to post vids on my blogs so I will now be including trailers for the film being reivewed or at least some little gem related to the film on the blog as well as the usual write up. Hope you like it.
Also voting has begun for the first Readers choice poll.
The first one is a Nazisploitation Theme and the choices are

1. S.S. Girls
2.S.S. Experiment Love Camp
3. S.S. Camp Womens Hell
4.Elsa Fraulen S.S.

So far S.S. Experiment Love camp is ahead in the polls, You can vote here or on my Facebook page at....
 Thanks and keep up the support, it means allot to me,
                                                                    Editor and Chief:   Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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