Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stuck On You

Stuck On You (1982)
Dir: Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz ( Toxic Avenger/Troma)

When people think of Troma movies the first thing to pop up normally is their flagship series The Toxic Avenger or Lesser known gems like Class of Nuke Em' High and Terror Firmer, But fact is the company had made films before the Famous radioactive superhero . Most of the earlier Troma films were cheesy Sex comedies like this one, Stuck On You. Bill and Carla are having relationship problems and head to court for Palimony since they had been living with each other although not married , they head to court to divide their belongings since their relationship is beyond repair. the Judge Gabriel decides to call them to his chambers to get a more in depth description of their situation. After asking about the good times, and finding out how they first met. The two first began dating after a freak run in at Carols job where Bill accidentally delivered some live chickens to her workplace which ended up disastrous. Afterwards he returns to apologize and the two begin dating and shortly thereafter move in with each other.The judge begins talking about great relationships from the past. Starting with the Cavemen.

Hottest Chick in the movie and she does not show off the goods, Shame on you 80's sex comedy!

After reminiscing on the good times, the judge asks where the relationship began to downhill. Starting with how Bill hid the fact he was living with Carol out of wedlock from his mother by having her pose as his maid and Bill becoming obsessed with his work constantly working on his inventions. Gabriel brings up Adam and Eve and we are treated to a scene revealing how the famous first couple met at a Bar.
This one is full of cheesetastic Sight gags, This being one of them.

This one was a funny one liner " Well sir you are in the wrong room, You are looking for small claims court."

bill and Carol look back at some more brighter moments as they flashback to a time that they were acting as hippies and ended up gluing themselves together wile experimenting with body paint. The two laugh about it but quickly realize they are there to get separated and carol begins to dig in on Bill's annoying habits that have been a driving force in her making his decision one of which is Bill's reluctance to get hitched. Then she reveals her dream wedding complete with rapping Rabi's . Gabriel continues on with his little history lesson in love as he speaks about Barbarian tribes and the renaissance couple of King Arthur and Queen Guenevere.
Two Live Jews first performance
Gabriel continues on with his stories of great love and mentions Christopher Columbus and his wife being jealous of Pocahontas , as Carol brings up Bill's jealousy issues. When Gabriel learns that Bill had been accusing Carol of cheating , claiming to have caught her in the act. Gabriel tells of Napoleon and his wife Josephine who was nearly caught having an orgy involving Baked beans when her suitors in hiding began farting in the room. We then see several situations where Bill was stalking carol in order too find her cheating one of which leads him to a funeral she was attending as he is dressed up in a clown suit. This was the last straw for carol which is unfortunate since Bill had planned to propose to her that night. Also we see Bill's trouble at work as he is busy inventing things in order to increase the egg volume at his job at the Poultry farm. Both of which nearly cost him his job as one was a machine that ended up frying his bosses prized hen and another a Chicken porno film entitled Deep Cluck, The film worked however got the chickens so worked up that they shot the eggs out of themselves ruining any chance of salvaging any of them.
Ha! You get it? This is Columbus' "Pinto". Yep they went there
Again this film fails too shoe off the goods with it's hottest actresses
Little did they know these jeans would be popular with the hip hop crowd some 20 years later
Man, The periiod costumes were so spot on in this one

After hearing Bill and carol's stories he comes to the conclusion that they indeed do hate each other and he sets up to make his decision the following day. While the couple sleeps that night they both have dreams of each other and awake in a courthouse where the famous figures of the past are the jury. Napoleon calls several witnesses to the stand revealing most of the couples problems are misunderstandings, including the man whom Bill saw carol out with was in fact her older brother whom she was trying to get to finance Bill's inventions. The couple decide they are still in love and they wake from the court dream and run to each other holding in an embrace as Gabriel re appears and it turns out he is an angel who was attempting to regain his wings. With the success of bringing the two back together he does in fact get his wings and he flies off as the couple happily embrace.

And our "Climax" Bill has a Poultry fetish.... Awful

          Unfortunately I had to cut allot of the screens I wanted for this out as I am having a problem with the photo up-loader. Stick on You is a sweet harmless film filled with one liners and extremely cheesy humor, similar to what you would see in the Naked gun series. Not much really sets this apart from other sex comedies other than the fact it is incredibly low on nudity considering the genre and the fact it is made by the people at Troma. If you enjoy 80's b-Comedies you may get a kick out of this one and it really would make a great date film if you are dating someone who enjoys bad cinema. It is crass without ever being to raunchy and watching the couple finally realize that they are meant for each other makes for a cute finale. I have to say though I am a huge fan of the Sex Comedy genre and this entry is not going to go in my personal list of favorites but, it does accomplish what it sets out to and that is to be a harmless date movie with enough bathroom humor for the guys and enough romance for the ladies. This one is definitely a change of pace from what I have grown to expect from Troma but then again this one is pre Toxic Avenger so I don't think they had quite found their target audience yet.
Overall: 4.5 out of 10


  1. yo that is the longest fuckin "trailer" ever. poultry festish? yikes... Lloyd was on some other shit from jump apparently.

  2. Indeed Drake, Lloyd was definitley enjoying the 80's to the fullest. By that I mean Cocaine....