Monday, March 14, 2011

Deep Jaws

Deep Jaws (1976)
Dir: Perry Dell ( The Dicktator)
Starring: George "Buck" Flowers (Video Vixxens/Delinquent Schoolgirls/Ilsa She Wolf of the S.S.)
Candy Samples/Anne Gaybis( Black Shampoo/Fairy Tales)

AH, The Sex Comedy. Truly a guilty pleasure of mine, This sub genre when done well is really fun and entertaining when not it can be just shit.
Focusing on a financially dwindling film company Uranus films , the y decide that due to the popularity of porn and disaster movies during that time that they will take their steps into the genres by crossing the two. During the private screening of their latest art film the projector accidentally turns his Mic on broadcasting the sound s of the projector/producer and the Directors  mistress going a it. After P.G. recognizes one of the voices he runs in to check the scene , catching them in the act. Later Lettie Larue convinces P.G. is convinced it was not her he caught in the act, Meanwhile P.G.'s wife Henrietta is having an affair of her own with a nearby Doctor Dr. Hans.
Next we catch up with the director Denton as he looks for hi new actress for their latest movie and we learn he has a strange enema fetish as well, when two naked house maids constantly walk in the room to give him servicing. Denton receives a note from a casting director Oscar who is on location in Mexico being held as a love slave to two Spanish sexpots.After several talks the company comes to the agreement that since disaster movies like " Jaws" and Adult films like "Deep Throat" they should make a hybrid called "Deep Jaws" about Nymphomaniac Mermaids. SO the casting for the leads begins and Lettie Larue is promised the role in order to keep her mouth shut about her Affair with P.G., meanwhile Oscar and several other including Denton find girls for the role as well. At the same time Henrietta's son Junior decides to blackmail P.G. into getting the lead male role by promising not to out the fact P.G. has been cheating on his mother.
Now withe several people u[p for the role things get a bit hectic. Meanwhile Henrietta decides to repay the favor o f the million dollar donation from Doctor Hans to make the film and stops by to finally put out. Back at the set things go crazy as all the Leading ladies arrive and fight for the part. Also after P.G. denies Junior the leading ma role he calls his mom to tell her about his P.G.'s affair with Larue and Henrietta decides that as revenge she will take the lead role in order to get him back. Unfortunately right before filming begins the props start to fall apart and the shooting never starts. This leads to an abrupt and strange ending to what is a fun sex romp but could have been made better had they shown the actual filming of their masterpiece spoke about throughout the film.
Deep Jaws is a truly fun 70's sex comedy and I am surprised by the lack of love this film gets. I mean most of the characters are amusing , all of the women involved are gorgeous in their own ways and it had a good premise, My only gripe is the way it ended. I have to say that Anne Gaybis who played Lettie Larue was the only reason I sought this film out after seeing her in Black Shampoo and I must admit she has one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen It's too bad she didn't do too much more after this film. Candy Samples is good in the role of the wife of the producer and she leaves you begging her to unveil her breasts the entire film yet when she does it is nice but too short lived. Also on the top of the list of hotties in this film whomever played The "Tennis Girl" is breathtaking and every time she was one screen she demanded all eyes on her. As for the comedy in this one, some is hit and miss . There is one particular funny scene involving the French actress being brought in to be the lead and her trying to seduce the gay costume designer on the way to the set, Which I thought was great. I admit I do have a soft spot for films like this as I grew up on Cinemax and films like Bikini Carwash and although this one is much older than that film it is the same premise and thats all I can ask for in a sex comedy. Give me Boobs,  Butts and low Brow humor and I am entertained. If you enjoy the occasional sex romp this one is definitely worth a viewing for the quality of the girls involved alone, And Anne Gaybis' ass was enough for me.
Nudity:10 ( It is a movie about making a porn film but the quality of ladies amps this one up)
Story:5 (Typical company in peril uses sex to save their business, nothing groundbreaking here)
Characters:6 (Nothing too amazing but everyone served their purpose and the women really shine through in this one)
Overall: 6.5 out of 10

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