Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sorority House Massacre 2

Sorority House Massacre 2 (1990)
Dir: Jim Wynorski ( Chopping Mall/ 976-Evil 2/ Scream Queen Hot Tub Party)

As the title and cover art shows , this is just a typical Slumber Party Massacre knock off, but not only that, This film even goes as far as to use footage from the original Slumber Party Massacre in the film which is just kind of sad. SO the film starts with a young woman cowering in a corner covered in blood clutching a knife begging someone off screen to remember who they are and asking why this is happening. After that We skip to a group of girls whom have just purchased a new house to build their sorority. Upon entering the house the head sister Janey tells the group why the house was so cheap. Apparently the house was the scene of a brutal massacre five years prior when Clive Hokstedher  killed his family, However when they flash back to the actual act it is scenes from Slumber Party Massacre where the sorority sisters are stalked and killed by the famous drill wielding killer. After that buzz kill the girls enjoy a dinner of chips and booze and as Janey opens the drapes a creepy large man is standing outside. He enters and tells the entire story of the "Hokstedher" Case and then provides the girls with a key to the houses basement. While in the basement they find a Ouija Board and of course decide it would be a great idea to try and contact the spirit of the killer. After a requisite scene of the girls disrobing and showering to get ready for bed they give the board a try, though once the name of the killer is uttered the diviner flies off the board and into the fireplace.

Meanwhile outside in town somewhere Lt. Block says he received a disturbing distress call from the house and immediately thinks that the creepy neighbor Orville was responsible for the previous killings and is back on his blood path, although we never see or hear any call being made. While the girls in the house relax , Janey and Suzy are talking and jealousy boils as Suzy admits to seeing one of Janey's ex's. Janey upset goes to hit the bottle and is attacked by a shadowy figure using a hook as a weapon. When Janey does not return Suzy becomes worried and notifies the others , so they split up to find her. Suzy heads to an attic where she is locked in and caught in a bear trap before being attacked by the killer.

Back with the investigators, Lt. Block and his partner Sgt.Shawlee hit up a strip club where  one of the only survivors from the previous massacre works. After questioning her about Ketchum, the film returns to the house where the girls are searching for their two missing friends now. While in the basement they find the two corpses strung up and the three remaining ladies panic once they find that the phone lines have been cut. The girls try to go outside but see Ketchum heading their way. The girls all hide and one runs into Ketchum and heads for the bathroom where she is offed yet again off camera, leaving only two girls to fend for themselves.Linda is cornered by ketchum and she stabs him several times thinking he is dead but no such luck so then she chokes him out with a chain, before heading to the bathroom where she finds her friend dead and once again Ketchum appears and she attempts to kill him again. Searching for Jessy , Linda heads to the basement where she finds Jessy has been possessed by the spirit of Clive Hokstedher , Bringing us back to the opening scene and we come to find it has been her doing the killing the whole time. After a game of cat and mouse , Ketchum comes to the save before getting stabbed repeatedly again, This allows Linda enough time to attack and kill her friend Jess.The following morning the two detectives arrive and find Ketchum and Jess dead on the floor, Then we get the twist when Linda rises from beneath some boxes possessed by Clive and Ketchum the unstoppable man grabs a officers gun and opens fire killing her before getting blasted by the police himself. Lt. Block checks Ketchum's pulse and states that he is still alive and we get our odd ending to a pretty cheese filed film.

This one is really hard to review in text because there really is not much that stands out about this film or  makes it noteworthy, In all honesty it is just a blatant rip off of Slumber Party Massacre with a child's play like twist involving the killers spirit taking a host body. There is little to no gore in this one so it does not even compare to the movies it is ripping off and even though it is a sequel they couldn't even use footage from the first installment for flashbacks? they chose to use the better film they were ripping off for those scenes? Just does not make sense. I will say that the woman in this one are for the most part much more attractive than those in Slumber Party Massacre and there is a whole lot more nudity ( Even though still not much) but that is not enough to save this film from utter blandness.If you like the Slumber Party series you may like this one but it just truly falls flat on all counts. Plus it tries too hard to be funny with the running gag of Ketchum getting falsely accused and attacked, it gets old after the second go round and they still keep rooting for that tactic to work. As far as 90's cheese filled Cinemax Horror films are concerned you could do allot worse but it would not be hard too find something similar that is ten fold better than this one.
Gore:4 ( Most killings are off screen which does not work in this film at all)
Nudity:6 (There is some nice flesh to feast your eyes on in this one, but nothing you couldn't see anywhere else)
Story:4 ( Unoriginal and pathetic that they would use stock footage of a film not even in the series as flashbacks)
Characters:4 ( Pretty standard if not sub par for the course)
Overall:5 out of 10

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