Thursday, March 10, 2011

Class of Nuke em' High 3

Class of Nuke em' High 3: The Good, The Bad, And The Sub-humanoid (1995)
Dir:Eric Louzil (Class of Nuke em' high 2/Night of the Beast)
Starring:Brick Bronsky (Class of Nuke em' High 2/Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.)

When I look back at my fondness of Troma films two series' immediately come to mind one of course being toxic Avenger and then closely followed by the Class of Nuke em' High series. With that said I have to admit this installment is just sad. So this film opens right after the closing moments of the previous installment as Tromaville institute is being demolished by a giant mutated squirrel, and several students are experiencing meltdown due to the chemical waste and sub-humanoid infestation. After the squirrel is disposed of and the schoolyard is turned to ground zero, we see that the main couple from the previous film are expecting a child that is half human and half sub-humanoid. During the child birth through her belly button mouth....A new villain arrives at the hospital to kidnap the child in order to continue Nuke-a-mama's research. After the child is secretly nabbed,Roger returns to the labor ward to find his wife Veronica dying in labor as another child comes out.

 This leads us to the main story which follows the twins Dick and Adlai. While Dick is raised to fight for the forces of evil under the tutelage of Dr.Slag, Brother Adlai is raised by his birth father Roger to be a intelligent and peaceful young man. Due to the accelerated growth of the sub-humanoid child at two years of age the boys are full grown and Adlai attends the newly rebuilt Tromaville Institute. There really is not much to the story in this one as we just flash back and forth between the brothers as Adlai is a do gooder and animal rights activist and we see his relationship with his girlfriend Trish while Dick continues to be under the control of Dr.Slag. Eventually Adlai learns he has some unknown , unexplained powers and he starts to since something is missing from him as he starts to have strange visions while his brother is out doing crimes and hurting people.
Shortly after finding his new powers the campus of Troma tech is yet again under crisis and in danger of another meltdown but Adlai volunteers to use his new found strengths to keep their nuclear plant running with his glowing arm and abilities. At this point Dr.Slag finds out that Dick has a twin and he sets out to tarnish Adlai's name in order to try and convince him to join their cause once the public has turned against him. After A raid on the campus and a few random attacks the townsfolk including the twins father Roger the new Mayor of Tromaville begin to question how squeaky clean Adlai actually is. While Slag sends Dick out to seduce Adlai's girlfriend , believing it is in fact Adlai, Our hero realizes he can communicate with his brother telepathically and the two eventually join forces to take down Slag and the Nuke-A-Mama corporation.Although in the process this leads to the twins melting down into a puddle of slime. In the mess Trish finds a glowing ball in which she puts in the campus' generator and out pops another child identical to Dick and Adlai.Creating an opening for yet another sequel , which never happened.
One thing about Troma films is that usually they fall into the category of "So bad they are good" type of movies but when they miss they really do miss badly, This is one of those cases. The story is pretty basic in this one and as a matter of fact Troma basically re does this same story with "Toxic Avenger 4: A Tale of Two Toxie's" a few years later to a much better outcome. The third installment to this Class Series just seems lazy and the fact they used the same actor for three parts does not help that theory. Most of the typical Troma trademarks are in tact in this one like the gratuitous  nudity and close ups of boobs and butt's and the low brow humor but in this one the gore is almost non existent and the endless fart jokes just don't have the same charm as they do in other Troma films. It is sad because I really enjoyed the first two films in this series and I had been hunting this one down for awhile with high expectations due to my love for the series but this one is just flat and dull. The only saving grace is the nudity and that shouldn't be the case. Now don't get me wrong I never go into a Troma film expecting an actual good film but I do expect to be entertained to some point and this one just does not deliver in that aspect. Troma fans should however add this to the collection just for completion sake but nothing other than that. With all that said though I would love to see another installment someday in hopes of saving the series, because I do miss these types of films and I will always look at Troma fondly for the gems like Toxic avenger series and the first two Class of Nuke em' high's. Check it out if you love Troma but if you don't , you are not missing much on this one.
Gore:5 (Below par for the genre)
Nudity:7 ( Plenty to look at here but nothing you haven't seen a million times in Troma)
Story:4 ( A old tale and really predictable, Toxie 4 does it ten folds better)
Characters:4 ( Adlai is charming as the lovable lug, and Trish has her moments but the rest are forgettable)
Overall: 5 out of 10

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