Saturday, March 5, 2011

2,000 views, Things are picking up.

Well today my little site has reached slightly over 2,000 views and I gotta say that I am truly happy you folks continue to check my site as I continue to bring the reviews and sharpen my craft. I have noticed a pleasant spike in readership over the last month and I do hope this trend continues as I have a long list of treasures to check out in the coming weeks. I just again wanna take this time out to thank all my readers for the support and also I was gonna share some recent pick ups with you folks in which I plan on reviewing soon.

Troma films I recently copped

Surf Nazi's Must Die!
Class of Nuke em' High 3
Luther the Geek
Tales from the Crapper
Space Zombie Bingo
Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan


Gozu (Takashi Miike)
Ninja V.S. Aliens
Samurai Princess
The Meat Grinder
Attack Girls Swim Team V.S. The Undead
Girls in Captivity: Psycho torture Chamber
Mutant Girls Squad
 Zombie Hunter Rika

Horror flicks

 Night of the Demon (Sasquatch film)
Deadly Spawn 6 out  of 10
Bloodsucking Freaks  7.5 out of 10

As you can see I really went crazy with picking up the Japanese Gore films this month and I was gonna do A J-Gore themed month but due to the lack in hit for my Blaxploitation reviews and also not wanting to feel forced into watching mandatory films I will just mix them in whenever I feel it. So please keep reading and again I cannot stress enough how much some feedback would mean to me, Thanks for the support for this humble little site and keep watching these films off the beaten path, they are much more fun than the typical Hollywood yarns...
                                  Sincerely thanks,
                                                Nathaniel ( Dick Swift) Guest

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