Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some small updates

So now having reached over 3,000 views and updating the sites look, I have decided to add some more to the site. In preparation of the hopefully soon coming video blogs, I have decided I am going to try to incorporate some more humor to the reviews, In the easiest way I could think of. That being adding captions underneath each of the highlights screenshots, Now not all of them will be straight out jokes but I think this will add some depth to my reviews and give a glance at my sense of humor instead of just being straight forward synopsis' of the films and a rundown of my thoughts. I must say that I do truly appreciate the growing readership , but I would really like to make this more of an interactive experience by responding to feedback and receiving criticisms and comments , SO please take a second to write something on the page and subscribe, SO I can get an idea of what I could do to make this site better and see what kind of folks out there are checking this one out. I would like to start a thing where every month I put up a list of films for readers to vote on to see which one they would like reviewed and that would be a special review for the  month, each one would have some sort of theme to it as well. I really need the feedback and encouragement. Right now with how stressful my life has been , this site has become one of my bright spots so please join in and give your support. I really am beginning to think that I am pandering which is not what I wanna do, I just want this little site to be  more fun for everyone and gain some more readership in the process.
                                                                         Thanks again,
                                                                                             Nathaniel ( Dick Swift) Guest.

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